Handy food container

When I first got this container I was fumbling with the snap-on lid which is made of polypropylene with silicone around the rim to ensure that the container is airtight. I found it so hard to close the lid and was complaining about it. I thought there was a problem […]

Clean beauty

These are the Red Yeast Rice Deep Cleansing Oil and Red Yeast Rice Facial Foaming Cleanser which I will be adding to my skin care routine pretty soon. The cleansing oil has 11 types of vegetable oils, including olive oil. You can learn more about the cleansing oil if you […]

Captivated by violet

In my last post I wrote about reducing plastics, but it’s just not possible because there are way too many plastics in the world today. And there are different types of plastics. The aim is to reduce, not totally abstain or avoid; and another thing is to know your plastics. […]

Stainless steel food containers

Using plastic food containers is economical and convenient. I use it too all the time. But sometimes the food containers we dump into the trash can may end up as marine litter. We’ve seen videos and read stories about turtles and seabirds eating these plastic straws and other kinds of […]

Jeju Recipe The Pure Oil

Jeju Island is a tourist magnet, especially for nature lovers who are enchanted by waterfalls and pristine beaches. South Korea’s highest mountain, which is a dormant volcano, lies smack at the centre of this beautiful island. Jeju was designated a National Biosphere conservation area in 2002, a World Natural Heritage […]

Turbulence builds resilience

By Michael Tay, Johor MCA Government Coordinating Affairs chairman. Encountering Covid-19 may have seemed like entering an air pocket, of sort, and it’s going to be a bumpy ride ahead, but I strongly believe Malaysia is more resilient than many other countries. The turbulence may be uncomfortable but we will […]

Trying new things

The Google Home Mini which I featured on Gadget for Dad has been sold. Yayyy! I haven’t been updating Roam with Bee lately because I’m currently occupied with other things. I’ve started selling on The sale didn’t go as smoothly as I had expected. But it was nothing major. Just […]

Humanity is a sham

I’m appalled and ashamed. The report about the mama elephant in Kerala which was pregnant when she died made me cry. I don’t think I need to share the link here. Many have already shared the news on Facebook. The story must have shocked all animal lovers. Perhaps even non […]

Apple of my eye

Fathers deserve the love, respect and some adulation for the role they play. It’s true that a mother’s love knows no boundaries, but the same can be said of a father’s love. His responsibility and duty towards his family is the reason why he works so hard to earn a […]

Gadget for Dad

A friend introduced me to En. Muhammad Jamaluddin’s YouTube channel and I kind of like this video. If you’re someone like me who is always looking for the remote control […]