Rose tea brown

I went to three shops before I finally bought my favourite hair colour dye. I was looking for Rose Brown (left picture) and was disappointed when I couldn’t find that particular colour. Only when I was at the third shop did one friendly sales assistant told me that they had […]

Visual content

Mother’s Day is just around the corner. Don’t miss this chance to celebrate the special bond with Mom. Get a thoughtful gift like the iPhone Pro Max. This will tell your Mom that you want to stay connected with her no matter where you are. If not the iPhone, Modern […]

Lone wolf with rose

Can’t believe it’s May already. Couldn’t sleep so I decided to post some affiliate links. I think the T-shirt design looks super cool. It is a classic symbol of romance and devotion to a companion. Do check it out. The T-shirt reminds me of my pets back home. They love […]

Consumers’ safety is priority

Consumers need to make wise choices. They can check the status of cosmetic products at but how many of us do that before buying a product? Yeah, some will read reviews and ask friends for recommendations. Some do read the product labels but do we know what’s toxic, what’s not? Manufacturers […]