Tightening of purse strings and layoffs

We are at the tail end of 2019. The last teen year of the 21st century. Is 2020 going to be a better year? I sure hope so. I was checking out a dress for a Christmas gathering just now and the boss of the shop was telling me around this time last year, most of her fashion wear would have been sold already. This year her customers are thinking twice before parting with their cash.

After I left the shop, I got a call from a friend who said he had been laid off. For a sole breadwinner to suddenly find himself jobless, my heart really went out to him. The company he works for has been getting rid of people like nobody’s business, yet is painting a rosy picture of its development and achievements to the world.

One really needs to set aside some money while one is employed to prepare for emergencies like these. If you’re finding it hard to save, always pay yourself first (sign up for auto debit) so that little by little the money will grow and you’ll have something when the unexpected hits. But what I really want to share today is my conversation with two friends several days ago.

Friend One says

“Why don’t you just open the gate and let your dogs out? Tell them that times are hard and they need to go look for a new home now. You’ve done all that you can for them.”

Friend Two says

“Sometimes God gives us blessings because we take care of others. It doesn’t matter whether its your parents, siblings, children or pets. God will continue to ensure that your life runs smoothly because you are providing for others.”

I know both my friends meant well, and they care about me. Pets are family. I’m not starving yet, even though I’ve hit a rough patch too.

But do big corporations think like that? It’s all about the bottom line.  People shouldn’t be treated like thrash where they can be discarded when their services are no longer needed.

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