Curb cyber attacks!

Concerned about the negative vibes spreading through the web

Social media can make one become more informed about current affairs, but sometimes one gets so caught up in other people’s affairs such as the Hong Kong and Iran protests, for instance, and bring the negative vibes into our own homes.

Some political leaders are taking the opportunity to fuel the unrest further for political mileage, says Johor MCA Government Coordinating Affairs chairman Michael Tay, and this is not helping the economy at all.

“Their actions are only disrupting the peace and promoting disunity among the races. Do not play with such sentiments to woo voters. Different races can work together and support one another.

“The economy stands to lose when we offend countries like India which has resulted in the palm oil ban and we cannot afford to turn away China either,” Tay said.

Tay urged the government to set up a team tasked to monitor cyber attacks that are currently flooding social media platforms to curb racial slurs or anything that can stir marginalisation.

“So many people have lost their jobs. Since December 2019 till now, I have received 18 such cases.  Some of these people don’t even know when is their next meal coming?

“Some turn to ecstacy pills as they just want to shake off all their troubles. Some turn to Ah Long (loansharks). They are aware of the exorbitant interest rates and what the outcome may be, but they are desperate. And for some, the last resort is suicide,” he added.

Michael Tay

Tay said that in his 22 years in service as a politician, he has not received so many cases right at the start of the year.

“The government must control the “fires” that is spreading through social media and improve the economy so that people will have jobs,” Tay said.

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