Public health at risk

SOMEONE recently told me Chinese nationals have their quirks but he has no choice but to like them.

“They’re the most generous people around today. They can offer you RM500 cash to book your car for the entire day just to take them around in JB,” he said.

You’ve probably guessed it. This guy drives Grab part-time.

While he has met some Chinese nationals who are generous, the story below is about a Chinese family who is extremely selfish and have blatant disregard for the law and the public.

Many say that’s because they come from a heavily populated country so this is why they’re like that.

Anyway, enough fluff, ……NEWS story below 👇🏻

JOHOR BARU, 26 January 2020: A 2-year-old Chinese boy with coronavirus symptoms was allegedly taken out of a public hospital by his parents yesterday against medical advice.

According to the Harian Metro report, a 26-year-old doctor had attended to the boy at 10.18pm on the eve of Chinese New Year.

The boy’s parents allegedly declined to be quarantined as they wanted to take a flight to China early in the morning on the first day of Chinese New Year.

The patient was found to have influenza like symptoms such as fever and coughing and was referred to a private hospital.

The doctor confirmed the boy tested positive for the coronavirus but when they informed the parents the boy had to be quarantined, the parents said they had to catch a 10am flight.

It was made clear to the parents that the airport authorities will not permit anyone with high temperature to go through but the parents insisted for the boy to be treated with fever and cough medication only.

The parents then took the boy out of the hospital without a proper discharge at 4.20am.

The doctor lodged a police report.

The family’s last known address was an apartment in Gelang Patah.

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