Singgora homestay

Rumah Singgora

Located 10 metres from Sungai Lubok Mulong, Rumah Singgora was built with the concept of a traditional Malay village in mind. The kampung houses featured natural lighting and airflow as environmental factors were considered in the design.

There are also herbal plants and trees, including "halia" (ginger), "kunyit" (turmeric), "limau purut" (kaffir lime) and pandan found in the resort.  These herbs and spices are used for cooking the meals which are served dulang-style.
Traditional dulang-style serving

Link to the story

Kelantan dishes to relish at Rumah Singgora

Rumah Singgora
Lot 860, Kampung Air Deras,
Jalan Tengku Mohd Maasom,
15100 Pasir Hor, Kota Bharu,
T: +6019 900 9535
FB: @Singgora

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