Passport to the future

Finally, the wait is over!  Cheers and tears are normally expected on the day students receive their Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM) results.  Screams of joy or cries of despair or a mix of both are common on this day, after the nail-biting months.

But this was not the case in the hall of Seri Omega Private and International School on last Thursday (Mar 5), where 300 over students with some accompanied by their parents had gathered.  There were only shrieks of elation and jubilant bursts of laughter.

A total of 382 students here had sat for the SPM last year and 45 of them scored straight As.  There are 43 students with 10As, 23 (9As), 19 (8As), 10 (7As), 16 (6As), 16 (5As), 31 (4As), 28 (3As), 43 (2As) and 87 (1A).

Two students Yeo Yuan Ping and Ang Yan, both 18, stood out among their peers as they had A+ in all 10 subjects.

Both revealed that the recipe for success was a concerted effort between the school, their home and how committed they were to achieving their dreams.

“Being an only child, my parents and I are very close.  My parents run a family business but they always find time to give me moral support when I need it, like they will give me a hug before an examination and offer words of encouragement.

My teachers are also very approachable and supportive.  Being a head prefect, I’ve learnt about team work and how to manage a team,” Yeo said.

Ang, the youngest among two siblings, said her mother is aware of how self-reliant she is when it comes to studies and rarely monitors whether she is doing her homework or revision.

“I always make it a priority to finish all my homework when I come home from school.  My mother knows my character very well,” said Ang, who is also a prefect.

Eighteen-year-old Saw Hui Shi and Teo Jing Yuan, also 18, also secured 10As.  Both had enrolled in Seri Omega in 2015.

Saw said she had expected to do well in her SPM, as she had prepared for it.

“My mother taught me to believe in myself.  She also urged me not to stress myself out while I was preparing for the exam.

“My teachers have pointed out my strengths and weaknesses and that has helped me to focus on which subject or topic that needs more attention,” she said.

As for Teo, he said paying attention in class was the most crucial aspect apart from maintaining self-discipline and getting moral support from his parents.

“I have tuition on weekends but after tuition, my parents will take me out for some relaxation and to have some family bonding time,” he said.

When it comes to the definition of a good teacher, is it someone with a deep and vast knowledge of the subject he teaches or is it someone who is able to motivate others to  learn?  There are many ways to define a good teacher.  Perhaps one of them is by student achievement.

But it does not end there.  A good teacher is only one of the ingredients for success when it comes to churning out an exemplary leader in a community, a society or a nation.

The recipe for success comprises three things — the school, the home and the student.

Yeo, Ang, Saw and Teo unanimously echoed the sentiment that the school environment and the home environment are inter-related but the protagonist in one’s story is oneself.  If the student has the determination to excel, coupled with the support of the home and the school, success is assured.

At Seri Omega Private and International School, a solid foundation is laid for the development of the child. 

And all this is attributed to the hard work and dedication of Dato’ Sri Ooi Chong Beng, the man at the helm of Seri Omega.

Dato’ Sri Ooi  is the Chief Executive Officer and Principal as well as the founder of the school.  He has 45 years of experience in the field of education, and more than 20 years in managing Seri Omega.

The school recorded a 100 per cent passing rate for Bahasa Melayu, English Language  and Chinese Language.  For Mathematics and Additional Mathematics, the passing rate was 99.4 and 87.7 per cent respectively, Physics  93.4%, Chemistry (88.9%), Biology (95.8%) , History (97.9%) and Moral (94.9%).

Seri Omega spokesperson Chen Pei Pei said Dato’ Sri Ooi advocates that students should have a daily schedule to adhere to and this will ensure success, as surely as night follows day.

“The school and the home environment must complement and support each other.  It is important to start the children young so that their foundation is strong.  A child with a solid background will step into a world of endless possibilities where a bright future awaits.

For enquiries and further information, please call 07-599 8998 or visit the school at Lot 6974 & 6975, Jalan Beringin 5, Taman Beringin, 81400 Senai, Johor.

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