Korean infusion tea taste test

Infusion tea

This is a new product from Korea which I’ve been asked to review. Two of my friends have tried this infusion tea and they didn’t quite like it simply because they liked their tea hot. I’m ok with it. At the moment I don’t have a kettle so this novel method of making tea is ideal for me. Of the two flavours, I prefer the tomato and beet.

Tomato and Beet

You need a bottled mineral water or you can just fill up the bottle with drinking water which was what I did. It can be a 600ml or 1500ml bottle as the infuser comes in two sizes. For this review I’m using the 600ml bottle.

Remove the mineral water cap and replace it with the infuser. Turn the bottle over like what you see in the picture above and just leave it for 30 minutes to 1 hour. You can shake it a little to speed up the process or make it blend better.

A word of caution. The tea may spill as you’re shaking the bottle or when you unscrew the infuser so just take note of this, especially if you’re wearing white clothing.

The tomato and apple flavour has a milder taste, and the tea is light green in colour.

This is a cool way to make tea when you don’t have hot water, and I am ok with the taste.

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