Dim sum for comfort and bliss

Hello again,

Yes, I’ve gone missing for a while. No, I’ve not been unwell, just a little busy. I have no problem with working at home. Am sad that this global pandemic has affected everyone of us, with the worldwide death toll reaching more than 11,000 as of time of writing.

Kudos to those in the medical profession, healthcare, food and all essential industries, the police and army personnels, road sweepers and garbage collectors. Thank you for being out there.

We will get through this. Love and compassion will get us through this. There’s social distancing now, but somehow that has drawn some of us closer. Be kind to one another, be kind to the earth, be kind to animals.

As I need to comply with the call to stay indoors under the Restricted Movement Order, I ordered food from Restaurant Kam Hin.

breakfast, lunch and dinner

Yummy! Yummy! Really enjoying my staycation. Today’s meal for the entire day costs RM27.95 (minus the bottled mineral water).

My favourite was the spare ribs. The others were good too but maybe by lunch time they’ve gone cold so … but the spare ribs tasted delicious whether hot or cold.

The big pau with mushroom, egg and chicken filling was extremely filling for me.

sugarcane with water chestnut drink

I love this herbal tea very much. It is a refreshing thirst quencher which has a cooling effect on the body.

Restaurant Kam Hin is located at Kuchai Entrepreneurs Park, off Kuchai Lama in Kuala Lumpur.

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