Showing appreciation to Covid-19 frontliners

These are trying times for everyone. Some will just stay at home and complain of boredom or lash out at others without thinking of the bigger picture. Some will rise to the challenge and continue to deliver public service to the people that need it.

Among the few good men out there who isn’t “all talk and no action” is Johor MCA Government Coordinating Affairs chairman Michael Tay who recently led a team of 25 volunteers to distribute 1,200 canned drinks and packed food to the frontliners of Kluang Hospital and Hospital Permai in Johor Bahru, namely the doctors and all medical staff.

Michael Tay and team distributing food and drinks to frontliners

Tay, who is also the former Hospital Sultanah Aminah visitors board chairman, wanted to show his appreciation to the frontliners who had been working tirelessly to serve patients since the pandemic started.  Although the situation in Johor is under control as there are currently sufficient ventilators, breathing tubes and beds, Tay learnt that the hospitals are facing a shortage of medicines and PPE suits.

Tay and his team will also be contributing  paracetamol and azithromycin to the two hospitals as soon as the supplies arrived.

“I have already placed the orders and they should be arriving soon.  I hope to deliver them to the hospitals by early next week,” Tay said, adding that he is also scouting for medical visors and PPE suits and appeal to non-governmental to chip in if they can.

Besides the food and drinks, Tay and his team also contributed face shields for doctors to enter the ward where Covid-19 patients are being treated.

The team also contributed face shields to doctors

“At first I didn’t understand the need for a lockdown, but now after talking to the hospital staff I’m beginning to understand the need for a lockdown.  It is not to overwhelm the hospitals.

“There are two types of quarantine.  One is self-quarantine and the other is to be quarantined at the hospital.

“Now if you have minor symptom, you should take paracetamol and isolate yourself in a room so as not to infect the other members of your family.  If your condition worsens, you should take azithromycin which is an antibiotic.  But if you have respiratory problems, you need to go to the hospital immediately as they have oxygen tanks.

“Social distancing is the new norm now. A lockdown is necessary to flatten the curve. Together we can do this,” Tay said, adding that Malaysia has its own model to handle Covid-19.

“We cannot follow Singapore or other countries because the density and culture is different for every country.  Singapore is densely-populated while Malaysia is not.  If everyone practises what they’ve been told — maintain 6ft. from one another, wear masks when they are outdoors, do not congregate — we should be able to stop the multiplication of the virus and life will get back to normal again.“It is vital to boost up your immunity system and please do not offend China.  They are powerful and rich.  We need all the help we can get now to get over this crisis!” Tay added.

After food and drinks, next will be paracetamol and azithromycin while Tay also scouts for visors

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