It’s all about the love

It doesn’t taste that bad actually — Garlic Water.

Since we can’t roam outdoors, we can either surf the net for new things to explore and learn or we can go within to search for all the answers.

This forced downtime has allowed many of us to do that. I saw a lot of food pictures on Facebook and Instagram lately. People learning how to cook, and discovering their talent and passion for cooking.

Why Drink Garlic Water Daily?

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How To Grow Garlic At Home – Fast & Easy

I’ve always wanted to have a garden with all the herbs and fruit trees, vegetables but I never tried planting anything. Maybe I’ve tried before once in a while but nothing grew. Haha. Nevermind. It’s time to hit the reboot button.

Time to love myself a little more. Love my pets a little more. Love the people in my life and around me. Love my home. Just love love love. Nothing but love.

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