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With more shoppers going online to buy groceries, electronics and a whole lot of other stuff now, it’s time to start learning about E-commerce. 

And with the lockdown, we better equip ourselves with a new skill or a new discovery or something. If you’re not a frontliner and you’re not in the essential industry, then you’re probably housebound.

I’m familiar with affiliate marketing but dropshipping always baffles me, so I decided to do some research.

Drop Shipping is a retail fulfilment method where the drop shipper accepts the cash and places the order on behalf of the client.  The supplier then ships out the product according to the details the drop shipper has provided.  In this business model, the drop shipper does not need to keep an inventory or a warehouse to store the products.

Being a newbie, you will find it hard to identify reliable drop shippers, profitable products to sell and trustworthy suppliers.  But you may require more than just a directory to have a successful e-commerce business.

You still need to do more research and go through some trials and errors.  But having access to a directory may be like getting your hands on a road map or a GPS.

How does a drop shipper make money?

You do not need a physical shop but an online store is required so that you can showcase the products that you can drop ship.  To make a profit, there’s usually a 10 to 50% mark-up.

The easiest way to find drop shippers is through SaleHoo, a paid online directory that has over 8,000 drop shippers and  wholesalers. For US$67 (MYR290) per year, you have access to numerous products which are popular and trending.  There are also training and resources videos available, and a community where you may find people to network with.

There are plenty of drop shippers out there, particularly in China, but for a newbie you’ll be swimming in a sea of sharks and piranhas if you dive in clueless.

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