Humanity is a sham

Photo by Alex on Unsplash

I’m appalled and ashamed.

The report about the mama elephant in Kerala which was pregnant when she died made me cry. I don’t think I need to share the link here. Many have already shared the news on Facebook. The story must have shocked all animal lovers. Perhaps even non animal lovers.

I thought I would forget about the incident today but the sadness is still too much to bear.

The perpetrators … I don’t want to think of the horrible fate that awaits them, perhaps for many many lifetimes.

I hope the elephant and her unborn calf are now in heaven. They deserve to be in a better place where there are either no humans around, or only human beings who sacredly believe that all lives matter.

How humans can carry out such atrocious deeds is beyond me. But there are also good people. Please let there be more good people than evil and insane ones.

A prayer for the elephant and her calf. I am so so sorry. Please forgive us humans.

Meanwhile, a little prayer for Malaysia’s economy and the people. And also for the US. May peace prevail.

Good night.

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