China needs to win hearts and minds to move forward

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By Michael Tay, Johor MCA Government Coordinating Affairs chairman.

Having travelled to China and the United States countless times over the years, I am saddened by the current state of affairs, especially the ongoing US-China trade war at a time when the world is combating Covid-19.

Firstly, I think China should ease up on its totalitarian and dictatorial ways of doing things.   Take the  South China Sea dispute, for instance, China should hold talks to appease the countries concerned over the issue.

Being a strong  world economic power, it should be magnanimous and try to have more countries on its side as allies.  Not wanting to do this will give the US more leverage.  After all, the other nations know the US longer than they know China.  They’ve worked with the US since the 2nd World War.

If China wants to continue to be a global super power, it needs to improve its diplomatic relations with other nations.

The world is already disagreeing with China with the way  it has treated Hong Kong.  In my humble opinion, China should continue to let Hong Kong go on with its 1 country 2 system policy, and continue to enjoy the tax collection instead of resorting to force which has led to the current economic situation.

Even Macau, touted as the world’s biggest gambling hub, is currently facing uncertainty with Covid-19 coupled with the US-China trade war and the Hong Kong turmoil.

China should also seek legal help to fight the call to delist Chinese companies from the New York Stock Exchange.  On the other hand, China should also reflect why its own billionaires’ net worth can’t match that of their US counterparts like Jack Bezos, Elon Musk and Mark Zukerberg.

For China to become a strong world economic power, it has to be more open and transparent.  It should help other countries and make them its allies.  They should also not be at loggerheads with India, an emerging superpower. As for the US, I feel that they should resolve its own racial issue first before criticising and demonising China.  

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