Rams Stables & Eco Village: An Animal Lover’s Paradise


GELANG PATAH, 9 November 2020: If you love animals and don’t want to see them being hunted down by enforcement officers and animal haters or suffering from hunger, RAMS STABLES & ECO VILLAGE is an open community initiative ​revolving around animal care and environmental awareness that you should support in any way you can.

I’ve not been to RAMS STABLES & ECO VILLAGE and with the CMCO in place, I probably won’t be able to visit the place anytime soon.

Puppy running free, safe and happy

But I believe what I see from this shot of Rams Stables taken from their Facebook page that it is a safe sanctuary for animals.

Rams Stables also offers a wide range of pet services ranging from dog boarding to grooming, therapy and adoption. It also fosters cats, and has adoption and re-homing programmes.

I got to know about Rams Stables due to divine intervention, of sort.

A couple of days ago, I had to call this Supedo Pet Ambulance service for my pet. I reached out to Dr Edwin Singam and the good doctor contacted Supedo on my behalf. Click the link below if you ever need a pet emergency transfer service. This is not an affiliate link, by the way.


My dog’s ok now, but if not for the incident, I probably would not have known about Supedo.

Every dog and cat deserves a home that is safe and filled with love. In return pets give us so much joy and bliss. The streets is no place for dogs and cats.

If you cannot provide a home for a dog or a cat, please CONTRIBUTE to Rams Stables or any good animal shelter in whichever way you can.

Whatever you put out, will always come back to you twofold or threefold. But that’s not why we do good deeds — to get something in return. We do good deeds simply because it makes us feel good. And when you feel good, magic happens.

Found this 2014 picture of (from left) Ranjeet Singh Bhullar, Harvey Yap, Wong U Ginn and Dr Edwin Singam from an article titled Sick Robby Finds A Reason To Live Again that appeared in the New Straits Times which certainly brought back a flood of memories.

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