Ramblings on vaccines, politics and economics

hands with latex gloves holding a globe with a face mask
Photo by Anna Shvets on Pexels.com

By Michael Tay, Johor MCA Government Coordinating Affairs chairman.

Kudos to Malaysia for agreeing to buy 12.8 million doses of Covid-19 vaccines from a US pharmaceutical company for 6.4 million people which is 20% of its population.

But the US, which has a population of close to 330 million where each person is going to need two jabs of the vaccine, may not have the production capacity to meet the market demand. 

Hence, any country that can supply the vaccines or provide a stimulus package to revive an ailing economy will be hailed as a World Power.  It will be looked upon as a benefactor and regarded with adoration and deep respect.

People around the globe are divided in their opinions of China but developing friendly ties with China has been proven to be beneficial.

Look at Tesla CEO Elon Musk who is a huge success in Shanghai.  The charismatic leader invested in Shanghai as he holds the Chinese in high regard, and they in turn, love Elon Musk. Today Musk has a net worth of more than USD144 billion.

If the US remains adamant about imposing a ban on Huawei and other Chinese companies due to allegations of espionage and military ties, China can retaliate by doing the same to US companies.

Imagine how wonderful it would be if visionaries like Musk, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and his wife Priscilla Chan would invest in Malaysia, which also has a highly-skilled and capable workforce.

Malaysia is embracing the digital technology trend, and especially during this pandemic, digital readiness is acutely relevant.

Asia would gladly welcome Zuckerberg and his wife, Priscilla Chan, as she is Asian, a Harvard graduate and the co-founder of Facebook.  The couple is also gifted and well-known philanthropists.

In fact Zuckerberg and Chan should be sitting on the advisory board of the World Health Organisation.  Zuckerberg’s expertise in IT and technology can further strengthen and reinforce contact tracing strategies and Chan’s expertise as a pediatrician will help WHO in curbing the spread of Covid-19.

The Old World Order is on its way out, and we’re now ushering in a New World Order which will see Asia and Europe take the centre stage.

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