Congratulatory Note To US President Joe Biden

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By Michael Tay, Johor MCA Government Coordinating Affairs chairman.

First of all my heartiest congratulations to US President-elect Joe Biden and his beautiful vice president who was also the previous attorney-general of California, Kamala Harris.

We are also turning a new fresh page on the future of American future economic and political direction.

But whatever it is, I have the fullest confidence in Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. Both are also very talented and far-sighted leaders.

On the pandemic, thank God we now have Pfizer and Moderna that can alleviate the situation by at least 60% and the rest is abiding by the  standard operating procedures, and restoring the economic confidence for all Americans.

Whichever way that Kamala Harris and Joe Biden chose as their economic directions, let us support them.  However,  I would advise cautious calculations, moderation and a balanced approach to world trade unlike the stance taken by America’s predecessor who had created so much chaos and turmoil around the world.

Thank God Joe Biden and Kamala Harris both got elected, thus changing the dynamics of things.

Please release the vaccines to all of Asia with no preferencial or political treatments in the distributions of these vaccines.

Lastly I would like to extend my thanks to Dr Sanjay Gutpa and Dr Anthony Fauci who have been our guiding medical light throughout the pandemic.

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