Economic Prioritisation

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By Michael Tay, Johor MCA Government Coordinating Affairs chairman.

The top priority for America and the rest of the world now is to curb and suppress the Covid 19 infection rates around the globe.

Every government in the world is scrambling for the Pfizer and later the Moderna vaccines as the political survival of many politicians worldwide hinges upon the curbing and the control management of this deadly virus.

As inoculations of every country’s populations are paramount and urgent in the world, we have to abide by the standard operating procedures in the mean time to prevent prevasive and uncontrollable spread of this deadly virus while every person in this world awaits his turn to be inoculated which might stretch into the end of next year and maybe even 2022.

The SOP is still very relevant to contain further spread and a prevent a black hole from spiralling out of control. Secondly economic resilience must also be restored so that people around the world will feel hopeful for themselves, their families and their future. Cut to the chase, economic prioritisation must be on the minds of all governments around the globe.

I really see that the merger of the Western countries and their Asian counterparts, especially China.  This must be a priority whether we like it or not and this has nothing to do with race or the fact that I am Chinese because if China has huge reserves amounting to the tune of USD30 trillion or even more with 3.15 trillion invested in the US treasury bonds.

If China buys another USD5 trillion of treasury bonds the US can afford additional stimulus package, and my beloved American friends who needs the money badly for the coming Christmas and New Year will benefit from this.

Trumpnomics targeting China has been a dismal failure plunging America into the worst reccesion/depression ever with more that 60 million Americans out of jobs and in desperate despair for economic survival.

Whether China will invest in factories or any other industry in America is subjectively up to President elect Joe Biden but remember there’s no nuance of a political agenda here but a fast track to absorb the unemployed in America.

Similarly American companies should be allowed to invest in China as well,  just like Tesla CEO Elon Musk, who is reportedly the second richest man on the planet.

I also propose that Westerners who speak fluent Mandarin be allowed to work in China, as well as the infatuation rates of Westerners loving Asia and eventually residing in China and Asia are also very high and they love it there.

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