Kudos To The US Governors

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architecture art clouds landmark
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By Michael Tay, Johor MCA Government Coordinating Affairs chairman.

The World Health Organisation has mentioned that their ultimate medical goal is to inoculate the entire world population so that economic, social and political stability can be restored to pre-pandemic times and travelling around the world can once again materialise.

Hence, economic activities will be re-activated and become vibrant once again.

May I request that the variant emerging from the UK be researched and resolved as we do not want to face a second wave of variant virus that is supposedly even deadlier than the first Covid 19 virus?

Nobody knows how long this virus mutation is going to prevail and all the best medical brains in the world are also baffled by this Covid 19 onslaught as everyone is tired and fatigued by this seemingly endless plague onslaught that has forced us to recalibrate a new normal lifestyle.

My second point is to congratulate all governors in the United States of America that is already battled tested for close to one year already, and everyone is clearly tired and I believe every governor is working overtime and burning the midnight oil and getting this problematic and deadly virus under control.

Bravo America and special thanks and motivation to all the governors in America who have worked so diligently.

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