Do ACCESSTRADE Affiliates Make Money? One Affiliate Has Earned RM30,000 To Date

An ACCESSTRADE Affiliate Has Earned RM30,000 to date since joining the affiliate marketing platform in 2019.

Like all businesses, there are success stories and there are epic failures.  But failure is also a part of success.  If you put in the effort and do the work, and refuse to give up, you may just hit the bullseye eventually!

After I posted Get Affiliated With ACCESTRADE And Start Earning Money, a friend asked me whether ACCESSTRADE affiliates really make money.  She also asked if affiliate marketing is profitable?


To answer my friend’s question, I have here real case studies of 2 young ladies who have made money from affiliate marketing.  One of them is Nur Afifah who  started affiliate marketing with ACCESSTRADE in March 2019 and has to date made RM30,000.


She shares her lifestyle and beauty products to her followers on Instagram and Twitter.   In an interview with ACCESSTRADE, Nur Afifah said that it was important to remain relevant and active on the social media platform.  She posted consistently and interacted with her followers.  Another tip was to create unique engaging content and to promote what you love doing,  She also recommended products which she herself had tested and liked.


Another Instagrammer to check out is Alysha, who has generated sales of over RM135,000 for advertisers of ACCESSTRADE via WhatsApp and various group chats, and earning herself a commission totalling RM7,700 to date.

After reading Nur Afifah and Alysha’s success stories, are you inspired to give affiliate marketing a try? Signing up is free.  If you’re interested, you may sign up via this link


After you’ve registered, you can start applying for campaigns to promote upon approval.  ACCESSTRADE will give you a referral link where you can promote on various social media platforms.  Don’t worry.  You will get approval quite easily.  When someone clicks on your link and makes a purchase, you’re entitled a commission.

The benefit of joining this network is, you can generate income from numerous campaigns, and their advertisers include Shopee, Lazada, Speedhome, eBay, Pomelo, among others.

Hopefully in 2021, more advertisers and publishers will come on board.



To learn more about ACCESSTRADE, check out their




ACCESSTRADE is touted as the leading affiliate platform in Japan and Southeast Asia.  It was officially launched in Malaysia in 2018.

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