Wushu Artist Lee Swee Seng Clinches JCI Outstanding Young Malaysians Award 2020 For Cultural Achievement

Johor-born Wushu Artist Lee Swee Seng the founder of Martial Dance.


Photo credit: Will Chong. Wushu Artist Lee Swee Seng Clinches JCI Outstanding Young Malaysians Award 2020 For Cultural Achievement.


In 1998, Lee Swee Seng thought to himself.  What else could Wushu be besides being a competitive sport and a form of self-defense?  He was 18 then — a young man coming of age boldly chasing his dream of showcasing Wushu as a performing arts.


Lee met with waves of resistance but he worked hard on his ideals to expand on the concept of “Martial Dance”, a fusion of dance with martial arts.  After 22 years of persistence,  he has gained local and international recognition with numerous award-winning choreographies under his belt.


Lee at age 11 practising Wushu


“I’m very grateful to everyone I’ve met in my life and I’m proud to be a Johorean,” says Lee who started practising wushu at age 11.


He joined the Malaysia national team at 17 and represented the country in local and international competitions. He has received invitations to perform and teach at various arts festivals around the world.


pic sourced from Johor China Press. The Johore Kwang Tung Association held a dinner banquet to congratulate Lee (right) on winning the JCI Outstanding Young Malaysians 2020 Award For Cultural Achievement.


JCI Ten Outstanding Young Malaysians Award 2020 for Cultural Achievement


Lee’s most recent achievement was winning the JCI Ten Outstanding Young Malaysians Award (TOYM) of 2020 for Cultural Achievement. Previous winners included Malaysian celebrities like Sinje Lee, Penny Tai, Fish Leong, Gary Chaw, among others.


Lee graduated from Southern University College with a business management degree and is now the founder, artistic director, and wushu director of Lee Wushu Arts Theatre, located at Taman Nusa Bestari in Iskandar Puteri.


In 2001, he won the gold medal in the SUKMA Games, and another gold medal in the Hong Kong International Wushu Festival, making him a notable name in Malaysia Wushu industry.


“I’m extremely thankful to JCI TOYM’s judges for the acknowledgement.  The honour of receiving the “Ten Outstanding Young Malaysians” award has strengthened my sense of duty to further promote Martial Dance, which is Malaysia’s unique arts, on both the local and international platforms, and spread the greatness of Wushu to the world.


Martial Dance Class 2019 in Germany


Martial Dance Class 2019 in Belgium


About 25,000 people have learnt “martial dance” from him, both locally and globally.  In line with Lee’s vision to promote martial dance,  this form of arts is now being taught in schools in the southern part of the peninsula, from primary to secondary, vernacular to national, and also Chinese independent schools.  Lee’s students and team members don’t only learn wushu, they have also adopted the spirit of martial arts and have followed him into community care and welfare work.


When Covid-19 descended upon the world in 2020, Lee remained unfazed. He has been filming and uploading videos to his Youtube channel Jack Lee Wushu, since April last year.


Despite the fact that international performances has halted due to the pandemic,  Lee continued to churn out creative choreographies with artists from all over the world through the iCloud web.  On December 7, 2020, he participated in the “China-ASEAN International Theatre Festival” and contributed to the international arts scene under the new normal.



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  1. Not many will understand Good Thinkers in fusion of Art. Martial Art and Dance are important Arts Concepts. There will be resistance from Conservatives. These Die Hards do not understand that All Forms of Art are progressive because the Experts have a bigger and longer Visions of Progress. Kudos for Those Who Dare to Venture Forward.👍👍


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