Pilates Instructor Who Is Beautiful Inside And Out

Nice to look at and lovely personality
Zoey Chien

Meet Zoey Chien

Standing at 1.66 metres tall, Zoey Chien or 宇倩 is a Pilates instructor at Hills Pilates, who loves to dance and also dabbles in shoots for commercials. Oh, and she also holds a BSc (Hons) in Nutrition with Wellness from the UCSI University Kuala Lumpur.

Together with her partner, Zac, the couple has a YouTube channel called 

Zac & Zoey日常营养师 where they share tips on health and wellness issues.

“We’ve always wanted to create a platform where we can share out thoughts on nutrition and about our daily lives.  This is also where we can watch the videos and photos again and that would transport us back in time reliving all those lovely memories,” she says, adding that both Zac and her were the first batch of Nutrition graduates from UCSI.

“Both of us have our own full-time jobs which make it challenging for us to find time for content creation.  But at least we’ve started it.  We’ve made a promise to spend our weekends doing research, scriptwriting, video and photo shooting dedicated to this channel.

“Zac  works day and night, and also on weekends.  As for myself, I also have a busy schedule, which includes working on weekends.  So, it’s tough but we’re determined to continue coming up with new content,” she adds.

Zoey is from Selangor while Zac is from Bukit Mertajam, Penang.

Dreaming Of A Simple Life

Zac and Zoey
Zac & Zoey in Pang Oung, Thailand


Zoey is a dog lover, who dreams of one day bringing her pet along when she travels.  She also dreams of living a simple life.

“Zac and I travelled to the north of Thailand once.  It was a camping trip where we slept by the lakeside and the temperature was 4 degrees Celsius.  It was a chilling and therapeutic experience.  This is the kind of life we’re planning to live someday.  A small house with our own vegetable garden and camping on weekends.

Zoey was in Korea in 2016, visiting Jeju Island, Busan and Seoul.

“I love Korea and I enjoyed visiting Jeju the most as I love the ocean.  The village of Busan and the beach was just as enthralling!  And shopping in Seoul was just heavenly although I did not buy as many things as I would like to.

Zoey, the youngest and only girl among three siblings, have been told that she’s brave for not jumping on lucrative job offers but had chosen instead to do freelance jobs while looking for the job that she loves.

“I actually succeeded in joining two airlines in Singapore but I turned them down because I was seeking a work life balance.

“And then I found Pilates …


nice to look at and lovely personality
Zoey the Pilates instructor

Her Love For Dance

love dance
Zoey the ballerina

Zoey took up ballet lessons at the age of 3, and was a ballerina (advanced grade) and cheerleader in high school, but an ankle injury 5 years ago prevented her from pursuing both activities.

When she stumbled upon Pilates which is an effective low-impact workout that helps one shape one’s body by correcting the posture, conditioning and strengthening the core so that one can feel beautiful inside and out, Zoey found that she was able to dance again although she still feels the pain when pressure is exerted on the injured ankle.

Pilates is an exercise method developed by the late Joseph Hubertus Pilates, a German physical fitness trainer who was sickly as a child but he took up gymnastics, bodybuilding and martial arts to overcome his weakness.  To date Pilates is an exercise that helps keep dancers in peak form to avoid injury and is something that is incorporated into their rehabilitation when injury does occur. It is also beneficial for those who have undergone joint replacement such as hip or knee surgery.

“Pilates helps to release the pressure on my ankle when I dance.  Before the Move Control Order was implemented, I joined a group of Kpop dancers from 1119 Studio and we took part in dance competitions.  I really enjoyed myself.

When she’s not dancing, Zoey totally enjoys her work as a Pilates instructor in Hills Pilates which was founded by a Korean lady.

“Everyone is so pretty here  at Hills that I sometimes feel I’m imperfect, but I tell myself that imperfection is perfection to a beautiful perspective,” she says.

nice to look at and lovely personality
Zoey in a commercial shoot.

Zoey’s Review of the Bifida Mineral Water Cream

Before signing off,  Zoey would like to share her experience with the Bifida Mineral Water Cream from Georganic, a Korean skin care brand that embraces a natural, clean and cruelty-free formula.  Zoey tried the cream which features the Bifida Ferment Lysate, a probiotic ingredient derived from a specific type of yeast obtained by the fermentation of Bifida bacteria for 10 days and was amazed with the result.

You can order Georganic products if you’re in Malaysia from Modern Essentials and do key in the promo code Bee4Me before checkout to enjoy a 5% discount.  A total purchase of RM150 and above entitles you to free shipping.

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