Laughing Together To Achieve World Peace

and enhance physical, mental and emotional health



Covid-19 has opened up a window of opportunities for virtual laughter clubs to open worldwide, as people want to laugh amid the gloom.


Dr Madan Kataria’s keynote address before launching the first ever Mega Laughter Malaysia event held on the 6th of Feb on Zoom and attended by laughter enthusiasts from across the globe.


Depression is the No. 1 sickness in the world.  There is no treatment for depression.  Those suffering from depression need support, love and care and this is what the Laughter Yoga Movement stands for.


Laughter benefits one’s physical, mental and emotional health.


Everybody can laugh when everything is ok.  Virtual Laughter Yoga clubs have sprouted since the pandemic.  From what had started as a recreation activity in a neighbourhood park in Mumbai, India in 1995, Laughter Yoga is now practiced in 115 countries.


Dr Madan’s vision to achieve World Peace through Laughter is also manifesting this year as the non-profit organisation has been given the green light to build two headquarters  — one in India (Nashik) and one in the United States (California).


The good doctor also praised the Malaysian team, namely the Johor Bahru Happy and Joyous Club, and Laughter Yoga Malaysia for the success of the Mega Laughter Malaysia event and for bringing Laughter Yoga to hospitals, dialysis centres, cancer patients, among others, over the last decade.




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