Sizzling Delight: Sundubu Jjigae At Choi’s Don & Dak

The sundubu jjigae (Korean soft tofu stew) served at Choi’s Don & Dak in Kuchai Lama, KL, is a sizzling delight and one of my favourite Korean meals.

The soft tofu just melts in the mouth, while the soup which is slightly spicy and has minced meat, egg, kimchi, among other ingredients, titilates the taste buds with a burst of flavours.


Sizzling delight: Sundubu jjigae at Choi's Don & Dak
The sundubu jjigae is a sizzling delight and absolute comfort food


The sundubu jjigae, which is a very popular Korean stew, is served with 3 side dishes at Choi’s Don & Dak.  Side dishes are also known as banchan.

Another popular stew on the menu is the kimchi jjigae.  Both are priced at RM15.50

I also love their corn tea.  Very, very nice!

Korean restaurant in Kuchai Lama
Unique wall clock

As I was paying for my meal, the clock caught my eye.   This restaurant has a clean and simple setting.

Korean restaurant in Kuchai Lama
Lady boss not only can cook but she paints as well

That’s the lady boss.  Not only can she cook but she paints as well. She is seen here decorating the wall of Choi’s Don & Dak with the help of an employee.

Korean restaurant in Kuchai Lama
clean and simple

The wall art is completed.  Isn’t it lovely?

The restaurant owners are from Incheon, Korea, and they’ve been living in Malaysia for 10 years.  Choi’s Don & Dak opened here 5 years ago.

Do check out the restaurant when you’re visiting Kuchai Lama.

Last year, I wrote about a cafe which is also owned by a Korean couple.  It is a drawing cafe located in Eco Botanic, Johor Bahru.  This story reminded me of that cafe as the owners are South Koreans and they love to draw! 🙂



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