Meet Georganic Malaysia’s Brand Ambassadors

Georganic Malaysia, a Korean skin care brand that advocates the #cleanbeauty movement, is recruiting brand ambassadors to reach out to those who embrace natural skin care products.

If you love nature and ingredients that are pure and clean, Georganic has a skin care range that you may want to add to your skin care routine.

They have cleansing oil and foaming cleanser, moisturisers and serums. Check out the range at Modern Essentials

The company recently introduced a stockist programme which you can check out  here, if you’re interested to be a stockist.

If you don’t want to be a stockist but would just like to buy an item or two, head to Modern Essentials and type the promo code of Georganic Malaysia’s brand ambassadors before checking out to enjoy a 5% savings.

The brand ambassador will also thank you for doing so, as the brand ambassador programme is not without rewards 🙂

Meanwhile, the company is always on the look out for more brand ambassadors so if you feel that you qualify, do get in touch with them on their Instagram or Facebook Page.

Meet Georganic Malaysia's Brand Ambassadors
Meet Georganic Malaysia's Brand Ambassador
Meet Georganic Malaysia's Brand Ambassadors

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