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Someone once asked me, “Which Korean skin care brand in the market is not natural and organic?”

Let me answer that question by telling you about Georganic which is not only natural and organic, but is also a clean beauty which means the products are safe, non-toxic and has transparent labeling of ingredients.

This Korean brand creates its products by following 6 clean beauty rules.

  1. The cleansing residue is not harmful to the marine environment as isoamyl laurate, which is natural surfactant from coconut is used.
  2. Every product underwent skin irritation tests performed on humans  to ensure all products are reliable and safe.
  3. The products were never tested on animals.
  4. The products were made at state-of-art manufacturing facilities.
  5. Only eco-friendly raw materials that are non-toxic were used in the manufacture of the products with NO artificial preservatives, synthetic perfume, benzophenone and silicone.
  6. Only ingredients that were certified by ECOCERT and USDA were used.

Clean beauty products were created for consumers who are concerned about cosmetics that may contain harmful ingredients to both people and nature.

Clean beauty is about saving the planet.  It is defined by products that are mindfully manufactured without any suspected toxic ingredients.  Clean beauty products include ingredients that are ethically sourced and are made with the health of our bodies and the environment in mind.

The company even uses soybean ink to print the packaging, and are constantly on the look out for the best recyclable packaging options.

Wouldn’t you want to associate with a brand that cares about you, nature, the environment and animals?

Georganic cleanbeauty

Another brand ambassador has come on board.  Her name is Natasha.  The first time she came across Georganic products she was awed by the simplicity and design of its packaging.

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You can read more about Georganic brand ambassadors here



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