Nemoro Builds Furnitures And Relationships


Nemoro blocks are not only for building furnitures, it also helps build relationships.  When people get together for spontaneous or planned activities,  family bond deepens and relationships with co-workers gets strengthened.


With Nemoro blocks, you can bring what you create in your mind into your living space.


YouTuber Wei Hong is seen here effortlessly assembling the blocks to make a desk for his young son.  He asked his son if he would do homework when the desk is done, and the boy answered in the affirmative which drew scepticism from Wei Hong’s wife who was videotaping the entire episode, followed by laughter from both parents.


A family that laughs together, stays together.


It was a well-made video, very natural and relatable which clearly explains why Wei Hong has so many fans and followers.


The video attracted numerous queries about the Nemoro blocks after it was posted on YouTube and Facebook.


Thank you   


If you type this promo code NEMOROXWH at the checkout page of you can enjoy 20% OFF when you buy Nemoro products.


Here are some of the questions that received right after the video was uploaded.


Q: Do you have pink and red blocks?
A: The blocks are mainly white and grey.


Q: Do you offer product customisation?
A: Send an email to or reach out to the company via Facebook Messenger or @modernessentials_me Instagram account.


Q: Is Nemoro safe for kids?
A: When you are assembling the blocks, it is advisable to have an adult around. You can check out the Nemoro brand page here for more information.


Q: Do you deliver to Singapore?
A: The blocks are delivered to East and West Malaysia.  However, it can be delivered to Singapore upon confirmation of freight quotes with the Modern Essentials team.


Q: Where can I buy?
A: Click on this link


home furnishings and bonding Nemoro, made in Korea

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