Once Upon A Time In Bursa – Book Review

Book Review


It was an interesting read. I managed to finish the 207-page ONCE UPON A TIME IN BURSA written by Tradeview in one day.


Yes, the author writes under the pen name Tradeview and he explains how this pseudonym came about in the prologue.


The Money Equation
Once Upon A Time In Bursa


For a beginner investor like me, I found a lot of gems in the book worth noting down.  Many people rely on hot tips when it comes to picking stocks, but Tradeview’s advice is not to do that. Instead he shares with us The Money Equation formula.


What is The Money Equation?


It’s certainly an acronym that piques a reader’s curiosity and interest.


The Money Equation is a checklist which the author uses to ensure he keeps to the parameters when he’s seeking out a stock worthy to invest in.


Storytelling Approach


What I like about this book is the storytelling-approach to inculcate the values of investing.  Names of real people who may be your friend or an acquaintance will unknowingly emerge, or the memory of a distant past may conjure up as you’re reading, making the anecdotes relatable and casual, yet embedded with a purpose that underscores the story’s message.


Almost everyone dreams of achieving financial freedom in life.  But if we do not master the art of investing and focus only on saving all our hard-earned money, the risk of inflation will be upon us and we’ll forever be living pay cheque to pay cheque.


However one must never ever leverage to invest.  Tradeview advocates the 30 per cent savings, 30 per cent investing and 40 per cent expenses rule. Before considering any investment, the author advises to set aside at least 25 to 30 per cent of your income as savings for rainy days, etcetera.


In Chapter 14, the author goes more indepth into how to make a calculated, informed and objective decision concerning stock selection.  And he cautions that the stock market does not move in your favour all the time.


In fact, a single investing mistake may wipe out all previous gains.  So before you start your investment journey, be very clear about why you want to invest in the stock market. By knowing the why, you will know the overall itinerary of your investment journey.




It’s not a book to be read only once.  I’ll be using it as a guide in my investment journey.


It is the author’s debut book and I hope he will share more of his knowledge and experience on finance matters again, if he takes time out of his busy schedule, to write a second book.


Tradeview also has a new website.  Check it out by clicking the link here, if you haven’t been there yet.


The Money Equation
The author at the Modern Essentials’ office


You may also get your copy at Modern Essentials which has a new Support Lokal category aimed at featuring the works of Malaysian writers, artists and handicraft makers. The first batch of pre-allocated books was fully sold out with orders pouring in from East and West Malaysia, and Singapore.


Once Upon A Time in Bursa will also be available on on May 31st, 2021.


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