Skincare is Self-care

Skincare is self-care, and self-love.


Malaysia has gone into another round of national lockdown but I’m pretty optimistic about June.  It is important to embrace self-care and self love, and maintaining a positive mindset will get us through Movement Control Order 3.0


Do not despair.  There’s so many things one can do during a lockdown.  We just need to get creative.  Clean up the clutter in our rooms, learn to cook, take up baking, read a book, etcetera.


Start a skincare routine, if you don’t already have one.  Or start pampering yourself a bit more.


Here’s a video by Sara Mack Lubis, a lawyer by qualification and journalist by profession, sharing  with us her simple skincare routine, which I hope you all will enjoy.



Sara starts off with cleansing with the Georganic Red Yeast Rice Facial Foaming Cleanser, followed by toning with the Georganic Hawaiian Deep Sea Mineral Toner to restore the skin’s pH balance.


The third step is serum, and Sara has chosen the Orinbe Hyaluronic Acid Energy Ampoule.  There are many different types of serums, each with a unique purpose and ingredients.  The Hyaluronic Acid Energy Ampoule features the skin fitting membrane technology to keep skin soft, moist and supple.


She then uses the AHC eye cream, followed by moisturising with the Georganic Goat Milk Brightening Cream before finishing up the skincare routine with Orinbe’s 4 Season Moist Sun Cream.


Thank you Sara for sharing your skincare routine with us.


So many of us have dreamed of having flawless skin.  Seeing Korean stars like Jun Ji-hyun, Gong Yoo, Park Bo-gum, Kim Go-eun, among many others, make us go gaga and set our hearts fluttering.


So when I came across this article in Getaranmy written by Amirah Abu Bakar, it got me interested.  Click on the picture to get to the write-up.


Georganic Skincare
5 Cara Dapat Kulit Persis Orang Korea!


In the article, the writer says Koreans through generations have used seaweed, ginseng, rice water and water among their skincare and diet regimen to maintain their skin, health and wellness.


Meanwhile, Georganic from Korea has skincare products which feature ingredients such as bifida ferment lysate extract, centella asiatica extract, goat milk extract, galactomyces ferment extract, propolis and red yeast rice extract, and is brought to Malaysia exclusively by Modern Essentials.


Now, if you’re in Malaysia and would like to try Georganic products, there are a few ways to get them.  Of course the fastest way is to head over to Modern Essentials now and buy the products, which are also found on Shopee and Lazada.


Modern Essentials is also having a Flash Sale this Saturday (June 5th, 2021) at Shopee Modernessentialsme from 4pm to 8pm where you can enjoy up to 50% OFF on selected products.


And the third way is to  go to the Getaranmy where there’ll be a Giveaway but the details will be announced by the news portal in due time. Good Luck, and stay safe.


Skincare is self-care, self love.

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