The Prime Minister’s Three Main Challenges

The newly-appointed Prime Minister Datuk Seri Ismail Sabri Yaakob is faced with three main challenges, which includes fighting the Covid-19 pandemic.


Kluang Umno Division Chief Datuk Hj Md Jais Hj Sarday, who is also the state party’s treasurer, in a statement today said Ismail Sabri made history as the first non-party president to hold the post of Prime Minister, thus opening a new chapter in Malaysian politics. It also meant a return to power for Umno, which was ousted in GE14.


Md Jais congratulated Ismail Sabri as the country’s 9th Prime Minister and  stated the 3 challenges.


Datuk Hj Md Jais Hj Sarday


The first challenge is for the Prime Minister to remove netizens’ connotation of BN, PN and GPS being a “failed government”, and he should refrain from using the name “Perikatan Nasional (PN) government”, as PN is a coalition of the government.


The second challenge is for the government to win the Covid-19 war which currently has a daily infection rate of over 20,000. The rakyat’s concern is not solely the pandemic but how to survive with unemployment, managing household expenses, paying debts, among others.


“The economic sector has to reopen following stringent SOPs so that the people can go back to work and earn a living. The government should organise awareness campaigns on Covid-19 and carry out enforcement that is not excessive so that the people can adapt to the new normal.


“The education sector has endured 2 years of study from home. Based on feedback from teachers, it is said that more than 50 per cent of students have dropped out of the education system. This is due to the unavailability of WiFi and mobile data, especially in the rural areas, B40 families or students who lack discipline and those who have to work to help with household expenses.”


The third challenge is to maintain the stability of the coalition government. He must not repeat the mistake of the previous administration, especially those related to appointments and the formalations of new policies. Ismail should form a joint special committee comprising of representatives of the 3 coalition parties (BN, PN and GPS) to steer the ship until the next general election. This will also restore the MPs’ integrity toward their respective parties in accordance with the agreement of the coalition parties to form the government.


What the people want is for the government to be truly transparent in resolving the 3 major crisis — national politics, economy and welfare (including people’s health). Of course the cabinet that will be appointed is not just to fulfill the party quota but must have integrity and their own credibility.


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