First Collaboration As A Columnist

This is my first collaboration as a columnist with The New Straits Times, and Tradeview, the author of Once Upon A Time In Bursa.


Together we will be churning out weekly stories featuring retail investors who will talk about their investment journey, personal finance, portfolio diversification, among others.


Money and finance have always been my favourite subjects.  “Money no enough” (钱不够用) is a popular Singaporean film which came out in 1998, followed by a sequel in 2008.  The movie resonated with a lot of people.


Moreover, my name is Meijin (美金), so I guess money or finance should be my niche.  Meijin means US Dollar.


I was a journalist with The New Straits Times from Oct 1999 to Aug 2017.  I then joined Forest City – Country Garden Pacificview Sdn Bhd in Sept 2017, and left the corporate world in Nov 2019.


From NST to Forest City … from journalist to columnist.  I like the way my life is unfolding.


Most importantly, I hope you all will like this collaboration.


Since 2019, I’ve been trying out content creation, affiliate marketing, e-commerce and I write every once in a while.  There are endless things to learn, and learning keeps you young or at least makes you feel young.  So one should never stop learning and investing in oneself.


Back to the collaboration with NST and Tradeview, let’s get to know  Timothy Teoh a little better.  He’s a software architect at REA Group Asia and a tech whizz who co-founded KitaJagaKita, PulangMengundi and also the former Chief Technology Officer of Nuffnang.



Timothy Teoh, the tech whizz
Timothy Teoh, the tech whizz



Picture Byline — feels like coming back home again


This is the first collab, and hopefully it won’t be the last.  Anyone out there in Malaysia  who’s passionate about money, especially if you’re a retail investor — whether you have a good or bad experience investing in stocks —  do get in touch with me at





We’d love to hear from you.


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