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Bee Kim

Trying new things

The Google Home Mini which I featured on Gadget for Dad has been sold. Yayyy! I haven’t been updating Roam with Bee lately because I’m currently occupied with other things. I’ve started selling on The sale didn’t go as smoothly as I had expected. But it was nothing major. Just […]

Humanity is a sham

I’m appalled and ashamed. The report about the mama elephant in Kerala which was pregnant when she died made me cry. I don’t think I need to share the link here. Many have already shared the news on Facebook. The story must have shocked all animal lovers. Perhaps even non […]

Apple of my eye

Fathers deserve the love, respect and some adulation for the role they play. It’s true that a mother’s love knows no boundaries, but the same can be said of a father’s love. His responsibility and duty towards his family is the reason why he works so hard to earn a […]

Gadget for Dad

A friend introduced me to En. Muhammad Jamaluddin’s YouTube channel and I kind of like this video. If you’re someone like me who is always looking for the remote control […]

Rose tea brown

Updated on June 7, 2020 I’ve just tried the Rose Tea Brown hair colour. The moisturiser in a sachet which I used after I had coloured my hair made my hair so soft. I love it! The gloves provided was also of good quality. As for the shade, it’s lighter […]

Visual content

Mother’s Day is just around the corner. Don’t miss this chance to celebrate the special bond with Mom. Get a thoughtful gift like the iPhone Pro Max. This will tell your Mom that you want to stay connected with her no matter where you are. If not the iPhone, Modern […]

Lone wolf with rose

Can’t believe it’s May already. Couldn’t sleep so I decided to post some affiliate links. I think the T-shirt design looks super cool. It is a classic symbol of romance and devotion to a companion. Do check it out. The T-shirt reminds me of my pets back home. They love […]