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Bee Kim

Consumers’ safety is priority

Consumers need to make wise choices. They can check the status of cosmetic products at but how many of us do that before buying a product? Yeah, some will read reviews and ask friends for recommendations. Some do read the product labels but do we know what’s toxic, what’s not? Manufacturers […]

Medical infrastructure in place

By Michael Tay, Johor MCA Government and Coordinating Affairs chairman. I would like to thank China for sending a team of medical experts to Malaysia to help us fight the coronavirus pandemic. I see a ray of hope as this team can shed light on how their patients were treated […]

Be resilient and ready for rebound

By Michael Tay, Johor MCA Government and Coordinating Affairs chairman. I would like to remind the public to remain resilient and be confident of an economic rebound from the coronavirus. The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has predicted that Malaysia’s economy will bounce back to a 9% growth next year, from […]

Know the things we eat and use

Food labels and product information are a requirement for all manufacturers but how many of us actually read the labels, and even if we do, do we know what’s good and what’s not? Like “low-fat” food products, for instance. It doesn’t necessarily mean low-fat means it’s actually healthier as the […]

Turn to home delivery

Food and beverage operators have to embrace e-commerce and revolutionalise the way they do business in light of the coronavirus pandemic to avoid bankruptcy. Johor MCA Government and Coordinating Affairs chairman Michael Tay said F&B operators may not earn as much as they used to but at least there would […]

Online directory Salehoo

With more shoppers going online to buy groceries, electronics and a whole lot of other stuff now, it’s time to start learning about E-commerce.  And with the lockdown, we better equip ourselves with a new skill or a new discovery or something. If you’re not a frontliner and you’re not […]

It’s all about the love

It doesn’t taste that bad actually — Garlic Water. Since we can’t roam outdoors, we can either surf the net for new things to explore and learn or we can go within to search for all the answers. This forced downtime has allowed many of us to do that. I […]

Hospitals receive medications worth RM3,000

Doctors and healthcare workers in Johor who are treating Covid-19 patients today saw a ray of hope when they received medications worth RM3,000 today. Paracetamol and azithromycin were contributed by Johor MCA Government Coordinating Affairs chairman Michael Tay, who recently also led a team of volunteers to distribute canned drinks […]