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Bee Kim

Hello February

Updated Oh no! Watched this clip “Coronavirus -Inside info and discussion” right after I posted. No no no, pets are not the cause of this. This clip is long but so informative. Original post Didn’t realise it’s already the first day of February. Checked out YouTube and found the clip […]

Stay calm

Updated Right after I posted this, I saw the latest post in The titled Fourth Wuhan virus victim in Malaysia, so I guess more or less confirmed already. Original post A group of 18 from Wuhan managed to land here before the affected city was locked down! But do […]

Public health at risk

SOMEONE recently told me Chinese nationals have their quirks but he has no choice but to like them. “They’re the most generous people around today. They can offer you RM500 cash to book your car for the entire day just to take them around in JB,” he said. You’ve probably […]

Curb cyber attacks!

Social media can make one become more informed about current affairs, but sometimes one gets so caught up in other people’s affairs such as the Hong Kong and Iran protests, for instance, and bring the negative vibes into our own homes. Some political leaders are taking the opportunity to fuel […]

A place where gracious living comes to life

Eco Botanic City is a happening place in Iskandar Puteri, Johor, for urbanites, youths and people of all ages. It is also a family-friendly destination, and a top favourite for office workers from Gelang Patah. Accessible via the Second Link Expressway, North-South Highway, Pasir Gudang Highway and Iskandar Coastal Highway, […]

Disputed transactions totalling RM20,300

JOHOR BARU, January 7, 2020: A former banker who is currently self-employed has turned to Johor MCA Government Coordinating Affairs chairman Michael Tay claiming that he lost RM20,300 via online banking, after he had lost his bag containing his handphone and automated teller machine (ATM) card on December 6 last […]

Stay hydrated

Malaysian Health Ministry has called on the public to be on the alert as the influenza this time is serious. Prevention method is to keep your throat moist, do not let your throat dry up. Do not hold your thirst because once your membrane in your throat is dry, the […]

What is the drill?

My friend had an unforgettable day yesterday. She woke up at 6am with a tightening sensation in her chest. She thought it was her heart, so by 7am she was already at the hospital undergoing some tests. It turned out to be a muscle strain. The doctor assured her there […]