Don’t Get Scammed!

Don't Get Scammed!
Photo by Anna Tarazevich from Pexels


We read about scams, we hear about friends getting scammed, and we always think it won’t happen to us.


But there are many ways to skin a cat and scammers prey on our emotions, so even people who are intelligent, streetwise, knowledgeable and (maybe they were curious) sometimes let their guard down and fall for it.


Like many others, I’ve received wierd messages via WhatsApp, Messenger, Instagram, etc.   I’ve also received phone calls from the LHDN (Inland Revenue Board).


And there was one time when “my uncle” sent me a message in Messenger asking me how I was.  The person had hacked into my uncle’s account, and after a brief exchange I knew it was not my uncle.


With so many types of scams mushrooming, one really needs to be very. discerning and alert.


These scammers also employ phishing attacks, so be aware of those too.


Besides money scam syndicates, love scam syndicates, there’s also a sea of fake gurus lurking in every corner.


It’s time people learn to separate the real deal from the fakes.


ACCESSTRADE Malaysia, a popular affiliate network, was also not spared  and in case you missed the story, read about it in the link below.


SCAM ALERT! ACCESSTRADE Malaysia Is Not Involved In Shopee/Lazada Online Affiliate Marketing Scams


It’s good that the scam victims came out to share their personal encounters.  Sharing is caring. Please learn from others’ mistakes, and do not believe that it will not happen to you.


Stay safe!


(This is a media collab with ACCESSTRADE Malaysia)

Do ACCESSTRADE Affiliates Make Money? One Affiliate Has Earned RM30,000 To Date

An ACCESSTRADE Affiliate Has Earned RM30,000 to date since joining the affiliate marketing platform in 2019.

Like all businesses, there are success stories and there are epic failures.  But failure is also a part of success.  If you put in the effort and do the work, and refuse to give up, you may just hit the bullseye eventually!

After I posted Get Affiliated With ACCESTRADE And Start Earning Money, a friend asked me whether ACCESSTRADE affiliates really make money.  She also asked if affiliate marketing is profitable?


To answer my friend’s question, I have here real case studies of 2 young ladies who have made money from affiliate marketing.  One of them is Nur Afifah who  started affiliate marketing with ACCESSTRADE in March 2019 and has to date made RM30,000.


She shares her lifestyle and beauty products to her followers on Instagram and Twitter.   In an interview with ACCESSTRADE, Nur Afifah said that it was important to remain relevant and active on the social media platform.  She posted consistently and interacted with her followers.  Another tip was to create unique engaging content and to promote what you love doing,  She also recommended products which she herself had tested and liked.


Another Instagrammer to check out is Alysha, who has generated sales of over RM135,000 for advertisers of ACCESSTRADE via WhatsApp and various group chats, and earning herself a commission totalling RM7,700 to date.

After reading Nur Afifah and Alysha’s success stories, are you inspired to give affiliate marketing a try? Signing up is free.  If you’re interested, you may sign up via this link


After you’ve registered, you can start applying for campaigns to promote upon approval.  ACCESSTRADE will give you a referral link where you can promote on various social media platforms.  Don’t worry.  You will get approval quite easily.  When someone clicks on your link and makes a purchase, you’re entitled a commission.

The benefit of joining this network is, you can generate income from numerous campaigns, and their advertisers include Shopee, Lazada, Speedhome, eBay, Pomelo, among others.

Hopefully in 2021, more advertisers and publishers will come on board.



To learn more about ACCESSTRADE, check out their




ACCESSTRADE is touted as the leading affiliate platform in Japan and Southeast Asia.  It was officially launched in Malaysia in 2018.

Get Affiliated With ACCESSTRADE And Start Earning Money

What is ACCESSTRADE and how do you promote to earn money from it?

2020 was undeniably a tough year for many.  Some 30 years ago, taxi drivers and hawkers toiled to send their children to university.  Today there are graduates who are driving Grab, selling kitchenware online or even becoming pasar malam traders.

Not many are in a position to turn away any kind of income in order to put food on the table, especially if they’re the sole breadwinners.  The rich are still doing well … affected, but they can still afford the little luxuries that add small pleasures to daily lives.  The rest of us really need to work harder and curb extravagance.

ACCESSTRADE is an affiliate marketing platform which was launched in 2018 in Malaysia.  This Cost Per Action (CPA) affiliate marketing network has been around since 1999 and it’s found in Japan, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam and Singapore.

It’s not that difficult to earn money from affiliate marketing but you need to do the work.

Firstly, you need to sign up with Accesstrade and once you’re approved, you’ll get your own referral link.  You can then promote this link on various social media platforms ranging from blogs to Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, among others.

When someone goes to Accesstrade via your link to sign up and start promoting a campaign, you are entitled a small commission.  You will also get paid for conversions.  Click on the image to sign up.  It’s free and you do not need to fork out any capital.

Get Affiliated With Accesstrade And Start Earning Money

You can also buy stuff using your own link.  The merchants include Shopee, Lazada, Watsons, just to name a few.

Cookies duration is 60 days and there’s no cap on the number of referrals. They can be from anywhere across the globe. When the referee makes the required action — which is to sign up and promote a campaign — you will receive your commission.

You will not be paid if the referral only signed up but did not take any further action or is already an existing affiliate.

The campaign is only valid within the first 6 months after the referee has signed up, and the performance result will be reflected on the conversion report after the 10th of each month.

This is Yi Xian, who joined ACCESSTRADE not too long ago and he’s making money from it.  Click on image to read his story and learn how he does it.

Get Affiliated With Accesstrade
Yi Xian shares how he earns with Accesstrade

Remember, you can promote the link via your blog, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Telegram, etc.

If you’re interested to join, please click



Have you eaten?

Updated as at 8.18pm

An order was placed by my boss at 2.30pm and the food came between 3pm and 4pm. No hassle. I will personally order from DahMakan one of these days.

Thank you for the Caramel Macchiato, courtesy of my boss who ordered from Dahmakan.

Updated as at 11.45am

Am exploring DahMakan and found that if you order via this link, you can also enjoy RM18 OFF!

Original Post

Have you tried DahMakan?

The founders of this food delivery service company were former employees of Foodpanda. I’ve tried Foodpanda and Grabfood, but DahMakan not yet.

Will update after trying.

Delicious food, easier than ever
At dahmakan, we've figured out how to bring the experience
of chef-prepared food to you, whenever you want.

Rose tea brown

Updated on June 7, 2020

I’ve just tried the Rose Tea Brown hair colour.

The moisturiser in a sachet which I used after I had coloured my hair made my hair so soft. I love it! The gloves provided was also of good quality. As for the shade, it’s lighter than Rose Brown, and I’m okay with it.

Can’t wait to hear what my friends say.

I may try a different hue next month, or I may just buy another Rose Tea Brown, depending on my mood and stock availability.

Original Post on May 20, 2020

I went to three shops before I finally bought my favourite hair colour dye. I was looking for Rose Brown (left picture) and was disappointed when I couldn’t find that particular colour.

Only when I was at the third shop did one friendly sales assistant told me that they had changed the packaging. I’m still a little skeptical as it says “Rose Tea Brown” and not “Rose Brown”, but she assured me it was the colour I was looking for.

I have not tried it yet but I hope she’s right!

You can check out the item at Watsons or Lazada (my affiliate links) if you want to try this colour. This Made in Japan hair colour is really easy to use. I tried Garnier the last time but I’m sticking with Liese. Definitely the best I’ve tried so far.

Lone wolf with rose

Can’t believe it’s May already. Couldn’t sleep so I decided to post some affiliate links. I think the T-shirt design looks super cool. It is a classic symbol of romance and devotion to a companion. Do check it out.

The T-shirt reminds me of my pets back home. They love Back2Nature dog food. This brand is not sold in supermarkets. It’s only available at pet shops. Now with the MCO, I can only order it online.

It’s Labour Day! Hooray!!! Everyday kind of feels like Labour Day with the MCO. But I’m feeling thankful.

I better sleep now. Lots of love to you all. Happy Holiday.

Office fitout specialist

Sourcing for a good office fitout is essential for any business as it helps to create the conducive environment for employees, customers and investors. A “feel good” experience is evoked when you walk into a space that is uncluttered and pleasing, and when you feel good….. magic happens!

It is also cost saving, especially if you consult someone who knows how to get things done.

My first affiliate marketing link. The online office furniture company is based in Sydney, Australia.

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