Handy food container

When I first got this container I was fumbling with the snap-on lid which is made of polypropylene with silicone around the rim to ensure that the container is airtight. I found it so hard to close the lid and was complaining about it. I thought there was a problem […]

Captivated by violet

In my last post I wrote about reducing plastics, but it’s just not possible because there are way too many plastics in the world today. And there are different types of plastics. The aim is to reduce, not totally abstain or avoid; and another thing is to know your plastics. […]

Stainless steel food containers

Using plastic food containers is economical and convenient. I use it too all the time. But sometimes the food containers we dump into the trash can may end up as marine litter. We’ve seen videos and read stories about turtles and seabirds eating these plastic straws and other kinds of […]