Watch The Squid Game, If You Haven’t Yet


Investing is a personal thing, just like seeking a religious path.  There are various schools of thoughts.  You just need to pick the one that is best suited for you.  At the end of the day, we just want to have enough money to do the things that we like and want to do.


Work when we want to, not when we have to.


Recently, I attended this webinar where the speaker was telling people to buy a stock when the price has achieved a “new high” in the market.  This was different from what I would do, as I would look out for stocks which are “dirt cheap”.


But it was interesting.  Both ways are right.  When you buy at “dirt cheap”, you need to wait a long time for the stock price to rebound.  When you buy after the rebound, as the price is rising, then you don’t need to wait that long.  So it depends on whether the investor has the patience to wait or not.


Investing can be boring at times, but it’s a safer bet.  If you want fun, go to Genting.  Or you can play   Squid Game, if you have the guts!  Just kidding.  I just started watching this Korean drama last night.  It only has 9 episodes but it’s really good.


Watch The Squid Game, If You Haven't Yet
The Squid Game



Among the cast are Lee Jung-jae (whom I first saw in New World) and Gong Yoo, who is my favourite.


Money makes the world go round, but please don’t lose your humanity for it.

Thanks MITEC Vaccination Team

I would like to thank Life of Annie for mentioning me in her latest post Thanks UCSI Vaccination Team.  She even featured my Instagram post.  As my vaccination was done at another center, I would like to thank the team at MITEC.



Obtained My Covid-19 Vaccination Digital Certificate 


I had a very pleasant experience with the MITEC vaccination team.  MITEC stands for Malaysia International Trade and Exhibition Centre and I received both of my sinovac doses there.


There was a heavy downpour yesterday as I was on the way for my second dose. I was quite worried whether the 2nd vaccination was going to be as smooth-sailing as the first.


My 1st dose on June 19 turned out pretty well.


In fact, I would say the 2nd appointment was even better, as the team was more gracious and friendlier than the one I met during my 1st appointment.


Making A Living


On my way to the vaccination centre, I had a wonderful chat with the Grab driver — a young man who was in the sales line before he lost his job.  Now he drives Grab for a living.


“We all just want to make a living.  We don’t even dare to dream of prosperity anymore,” he said, adding that even those who currently have jobs are feeling insecure.


“A company that used to have a sales team of 10, for example, will bring the number down to 5.  These 5 will still get the same basic salary but the sales target set by the company will be two-fold or three-fold, making it almost impossible to hit.  So it’s a “take it or leave it” situation, and most will accept it if they have a family to feed.


“If you say the target is impossible to achieve, the company will say you’re now given the accounts of those colleagues who have left, how can it be impossible?”


The Grab driver fears that the wealth gap would only widen in the near future as the rich will have the opportunity to buy over a struggling enterprise.


Save The SMEs


SME Association of Malaysia president Datuk Michael Kang Hua Keong also said in a Nanyang Siang Pau (July 10) report that SMEs will choose to sell or close their business if they can’t see a future beyond the pandemic.


He said the closures of SMEs will cause a chain reaction as large companies will lose the supply chain and this could lead to layoffs, bankruptcies and a wave of unemployment.


Kang said the initiatives introduced under the National Economic Plan for MCO 1.0 and 2.0. cannot be copied and regurgitated for MCO 3.0.


Life Is About The Giving


That’s all for today.  A prayer for everyone in the world battling with Covid-19 right now.  May you recover soon.


Those who are in a position to help should lend a helping hand to those in need, and many Malaysians are responding to the White Flag movement.


Giving is its own reward, and life is about the giving not the getting.


White Flag Movement
People queueing for food items contributed by a restaurant here.

Drawing cafe

I’ve found a book cafe, a coconut steamboat restaurant, a medical clinic and now I’m going to tell you about a drawing cafe called ADrawing Cafe.

It is owned and managed by a Korean named Sam Park who has moved to Eco Botanic City with his family last March.

Sam says the cafe will provide the acrylic paint, paper, brushes, palette and apron, and guests can express their moods in colours over a cup of coffee or tea.

“In Korea, there are lots of cafes that offer patrons to explore and nurture their imagination through painting which can be a podium for children and adults to discover their creativity,” he adds.

The cafe is located at No.71 Jalan Eko Botani 3/7, Taman Eko Botani, 79100 Iskandar Puteri.

FB page:

Well, if you found some other outlets with novel features that I have yet to discover in Eco Botanic City, do let me know.

My friend texted me just now, suggesting that we go grab a beef bulgogi somewhere in Horizon Hills. Ok, bye for now, Eco Botanic City. Stay hip and happening!

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