Dim sum for comfort and bliss

Hello again, Yes, I’ve gone missing for a while. No, I’ve not been unwell, just a little busy. I have no problem with working at home. Am sad that this global pandemic has affected everyone of us, with the worldwide death toll reaching more than 11,000 as of time of writing. Kudos to those inContinue reading “Dim sum for comfort and bliss”

Take care of forests — real forests!

Going back to basics where life is simple and peaceful … Economic development is important but do not underestimate the importance of the forests. Besides offering urbanites a refreshing change from the concrete jungle, a forest has so much more to offer such as resources that can reduce greenhouse gas emissions and mitigate climate change.Continue reading “Take care of forests — real forests!”

Singgora homestay

Located 10 metres from Sungai Lubok Mulong, Rumah Singgora was built with the concept of a traditional Malay village in mind. The kampung houses featured natural lighting and airflow as environmental factors were considered in the design. There are also herbal plants and trees, including “halia” (ginger), “kunyit” (turmeric), “limau purut” (kaffir lime) and pandanContinue reading “Singgora homestay”

Rustic-chic boutique resort in Langkawi

Tucked away in a coconut plantation bordered by wetlands and paddy fields,  BON TON RESORT LANGKAWI, beckons guests to linger, as it offers the experience of traditional warm hospitality and timeless elegance. Pantai Cenang’s expansive beach features white sands and clear waters and its nightlife is the liveliest on the island with plenty of beachfrontContinue reading “Rustic-chic boutique resort in Langkawi”

Coconut Steamboat, a steamy delight

There’s a delightful dining outlet in Eco Botanic City called Coconut Steamboat that offers coconut chicken hot pot, a recipe which originated from Hainan, China, where fresh coconut juice is used as the hot pot soup base. This conjures a sweetness in the broth that is both pleasant and fragrant. If you’re not a fanContinue reading “Coconut Steamboat, a steamy delight”

Happy kids, happy parents

Only a parent with a young kid in tow, will truly understand the meaning of dining dramas and mealtime challenges.  Apart from dealing with children who can be picky eaters or attention seekers, parents also need to constantly worry about the environment, health, hygiene, safety, security so much so that they are deprived of theContinue reading “Happy kids, happy parents”