Skincare is Self-care

Skincare is self-care, and self-love.


Malaysia has gone into another round of national lockdown but I’m pretty optimistic about June.  It is important to embrace self-care and self love, and maintaining a positive mindset will get us through Movement Control Order 3.0


Do not despair.  There’s so many things one can do during a lockdown.  We just need to get creative.  Clean up the clutter in our rooms, learn to cook, take up baking, read a book, etcetera.


Start a skincare routine, if you don’t already have one.  Or start pampering yourself a bit more.


Here’s a video by Sara Mack Lubis, a lawyer by qualification and journalist by profession, sharing  with us her simple skincare routine, which I hope you all will enjoy.



Sara starts off with cleansing with the Georganic Red Yeast Rice Facial Foaming Cleanser, followed by toning with the Georganic Hawaiian Deep Sea Mineral Toner to restore the skin’s pH balance.


The third step is serum, and Sara has chosen the Orinbe Hyaluronic Acid Energy Ampoule.  There are many different types of serums, each with a unique purpose and ingredients.  The Hyaluronic Acid Energy Ampoule features the skin fitting membrane technology to keep skin soft, moist and supple.


She then uses the AHC eye cream, followed by moisturising with the Georganic Goat Milk Brightening Cream before finishing up the skincare routine with Orinbe’s 4 Season Moist Sun Cream.


Thank you Sara for sharing your skincare routine with us.


So many of us have dreamed of having flawless skin.  Seeing Korean stars like Jun Ji-hyun, Gong Yoo, Park Bo-gum, Kim Go-eun, among many others, make us go gaga and set our hearts fluttering.


So when I came across this article in Getaranmy written by Amirah Abu Bakar, it got me interested.  Click on the picture to get to the write-up.


Georganic Skincare
5 Cara Dapat Kulit Persis Orang Korea!


In the article, the writer says Koreans through generations have used seaweed, ginseng, rice water and water among their skincare and diet regimen to maintain their skin, health and wellness.


Meanwhile, Georganic from Korea has skincare products which feature ingredients such as bifida ferment lysate extract, centella asiatica extract, goat milk extract, galactomyces ferment extract, propolis and red yeast rice extract, and is brought to Malaysia exclusively by Modern Essentials.


Now, if you’re in Malaysia and would like to try Georganic products, there are a few ways to get them.  Of course the fastest way is to head over to Modern Essentials now and buy the products, which are also found on Shopee and Lazada.


Modern Essentials is also having a Flash Sale this Saturday (June 5th, 2021) at Shopee Modernessentialsme from 4pm to 8pm where you can enjoy up to 50% OFF on selected products.


And the third way is to  go to the Getaranmy where there’ll be a Giveaway but the details will be announced by the news portal in due time. Good Luck, and stay safe.


Skincare is self-care, self love.

Unite Against Hate Crimes


For peace and racial harmony to prevail, Americans need to unite against hate crime.  Love thy neighbour, love one another not hate!


By Michael Tay,  Johor MCA Government Coordinating Affairs chairman.


Kudos to the New York police commissioner and chief for taking swift action in arresting and charging the 38-year-old man who had attacked a defenceless 65-year-old Asian woman outside a luxury apartment building.


I have nothing but praise for NYPD Commissioner Dermot Shea who said all who lived in the city was a New Yorker and NYPD chief Rodney Harrison who urged the people to say or do something if they were to come across any hate crime, such as calling 911.


I also want to thank New York Governor Mr Andrew Cuomo and New York City Mayor Mr Bill de Blasio, who both played a vital role in ensuring justice is delivered and expressing their outrage and disgust for the hate crimes.



laws against hate crimes in the united states Photo by Nothing Ahead from Pexels


Americans, regardless of their ethnicity and race, have to stand united against hate crime and be part of the solution in order for the hate and violence to stop.


Today marks the 53rd anniversary of Dr Martin Luther King Jr.’s assassination.  The Civil Rights leader was gunned down in Memphis, Tennessee, on April 4, 1968.


Martin Luther King Jr. had said “judge not by the colour of their skin but by the content of their character” and “all men are created equal”.


Has the younger generation forgotten the struggles of their forefathers and the legacy of this great leader, who had signed the Emancipation Proclamation which came as a great beacon light of hope to millions of black slaves?


The Asian Americans are facing challenging times now. Being a minority in America, they are feeling isolated and living in fear.


Please read my previous anti-Asian hate posts


The Fight For Racial Justice


Asian-American Community – We Stand By You


I also support President Joe Biden’s call on congress to pass a ban on weapons and tighten gun laws.  There’s been too many reports of mass shootings and senseless killings.  The President certainly has a Herculean task of uniting the different races in America.


Assault weapons with high-capacity and semi automatic and automatic rifles should be banned in all states.  The National Rifle Association has to beef up on gun control acts and legislators to create a more effective gun control policy.  They need to take more stringent measures such as conducting background checks on people who are buying guns.


Guns should only be bought for the sole purpose of protection and self-defence, not for venting anger and frustration.


Disclaimer: The views expressed in Your Say are those of the contributor, not the blog owner.


The Fight For Racial Justice

The trial of former police officer Derek Chauvin charged with the killing of George Floyd is a fight for racial justice.


The world is watching to see if justice will prevail.  As Reverend Al Sharpton says: “Chauvin is in the courtroom, but America is on trial.”


Asians, Americans, Blacks
Photo by Brett Sayles from Pexels


By Michael Tay, Johor MCA Government Coordinating Affairs chairman.


I strongly believe that Reverend Al, an American civil rights activist, can help the Asian Americans in the US.  He is a well-respected leader in the Black Community, and if he were to speak for the Asian Americans, racial confrontation between the African Americans and Asian Americans will cease or lessen at least.


Another Black leader that came to my mind is political activist, Jess Jackson.


Now why am I, Michael Tay, Johor MCA Government Coordinating Affairs chairman so interested in the plight of the Asian Americans?


Firstly, I have relatives living in the US and they are living in fear.  It is the rights of all humans to live with dignity, not in fear.


Secondly, the anti-Western sentiment is already sweeping across China where the people there are boycotting US and Western products.  If the US government doesn’t curb the bashing of Asians in the US, the anti-Western sentiment is only going to spread across Asia.  Racial justice must prevail for democracy and harmony to return.


Anti-Western Sentiment
Photo by Maria Orlova from Pexels


Although all these incidents occur far from my home, Malaysia, there will be a domino effect and it will affect trade and tourism once the international borders are open.  Would you want to go the US for a holiday if Asian bashing is not curbed?


I was quite shaken when I saw the subway fight between a Black man and what looked like an Asian man in a video that had gone viral.  The Asian man was of a smaller build and appeared to have lost consciousness after the Black man had him in a chokehold.


Asians are a minority in the US.  They need all the help and protection, especially those who are innocent and defenceless.  An Asian war veteran was recently questioned about his loyalty to the country which he had served.  And he has the scars to prove his loyalty.


I’m glad that there are events and rallies jointly organised by Blacks and Asians across America to combat anti-Asian racism.  But more needs to be done.


There ought to be more public awareness campaigns on the coronavirus as it is still uncertain how the virus came about.  Calling it the Wuhan virus, China virus or Chinese virus is just going to stir up hatred and anger for the wrong reasons.


I urge the US government and Black community leaders to step up efforts to protect the Asian Americans.  Let the fight for racial justice and inclusion be everyone’s commitment and responsibility.


Disclaimer: The views expressed in Your Say are those of the contributor, not the blog owner.

Asian American Community: We Stand By You


Being a Malaysian Chinese living in an Asian country, my heart weeps for the Asian American community that is facing a rising tide of hate crimes in the United States of America.


Photo by Ketut Subiyanto from Pexels


By Michael Tay, Johor MCA Government Coordinating Affairs chairman.


Asians worldwide mourn the deaths of the 556,036 people who have died from the coronavirus in the US, a nation hardest hit by Covid-19. We do not see them as Blacks, Whites or Yellows nor were they mere statistics.  They’re someone’s child, someone’s spouse, brother, sister or parent.


I can understand the pain and grief felt by those who have lost their loved ones, and my heart bleeds for them but the bashing of Asians currently taking place in the US is  beyond my comprehension.


News reports revealed some 41 million citizens have been fully vaccinated while 75 million have been given one dose of the vaccine (as of time of writing).  Soon, the US population will achieve herd immunity through vaccination, and normalcy is expected to return. The economy will boom again, and people will find employment.


So, I don’t understand the flare-up of the anti-Asian stigma which has resulted in violence and deaths of innocent victims. This is striking fear and terror in everyone’s hearts, even someone who is living some 15,000km from the US.


Imagine the emotional turmoil of Asians who are currently in the US.


When an African-American man, Mr George Floyd died on May 25, Asians were sympathetic and had come together to support the Black Lives Matter movement. Floyd’s death sparked reactions across Asia. Even though one of policemen who were at the scene of the killing was Asian American, this should not be a reason to attack the Asian American community.


America used to be a beacon of democracy, a beacon of light for the rest of the world.


I had studied and worked in the US, spent about 8 years of my life in ? near New York.  I have immense respect for Caucasians, Blacks, the Latinos, and most of the Americans I’ve met there.  They made me feel at home.


You can read my previous blog posts about my thoughts about the US and I care about the country and its citizens.


Anti-Racism Watchdog


Take Covid-19 Seriously


World Economies


The US today, is not the US that I used to know.  All the bigotry and hate crimes against Asians has got to stop.  If Asians in the US are facing discrimination and living in insecurity and fear of getting beaten up or even losing their lives from day to day, then I hope they will consider coming to Malaysia.  Invest in Malaysia, build a new life in Malaysia.


In Asian countries, such as Malaysia, we do not bash up people because of their race. No matter what is your race, you can walk on our street and feel safe.


Asian students who are currently studying in the US should consider coming to Malaysia and continuing their studies here, as there are international universities in Malaysia. Those who feel threatened should turn to their respective embassies for assistance.


All this hatred and blame is not going to bring back the 556,036 people who have died.  Please stop the hate. Respect President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris who are strongly condemning the attacks on Asian Americans, and exercise some self-restraint.  I’m happy to read this news


Biden Pushes House-Passed Gun Reforms In The Wake Of Colorado Mass Shooting


Asians are not to be blamed for the pandemic.  Once the US has achieved herd immunity from vaccination, things will go back to normal.


Meanwhile, the US government should set up the mechanism and infrastructure to protect the Asian American community there.



Disclaimer: The views expressed in Your Say are those of the contributor, not the blog owner.



Nemoro Builds Furnitures And Relationships


Nemoro blocks are not only for building furnitures, it also helps build relationships.  When people get together for spontaneous or planned activities,  family bond deepens and relationships with co-workers gets strengthened.


With Nemoro blocks, you can bring what you create in your mind into your living space.


YouTuber Wei Hong is seen here effortlessly assembling the blocks to make a desk for his young son.  He asked his son if he would do homework when the desk is done, and the boy answered in the affirmative which drew scepticism from Wei Hong’s wife who was videotaping the entire episode, followed by laughter from both parents.


A family that laughs together, stays together.


It was a well-made video, very natural and relatable which clearly explains why Wei Hong has so many fans and followers.


The video attracted numerous queries about the Nemoro blocks after it was posted on YouTube and Facebook.


Thank you   


If you type this promo code NEMOROXWH at the checkout page of you can enjoy 20% OFF when you buy Nemoro products.


Here are some of the questions that received right after the video was uploaded.


Q: Do you have pink and red blocks?
A: The blocks are mainly white and grey.


Q: Do you offer product customisation?
A: Send an email to or reach out to the company via Facebook Messenger or @modernessentials_me Instagram account.


Q: Is Nemoro safe for kids?
A: When you are assembling the blocks, it is advisable to have an adult around. You can check out the Nemoro brand page here for more information.


Q: Do you deliver to Singapore?
A: The blocks are delivered to East and West Malaysia.  However, it can be delivered to Singapore upon confirmation of freight quotes with the Modern Essentials team.


Q: Where can I buy?
A: Click on this link


home furnishings and bonding Nemoro, made in Korea

Sizzling Delight: Sundubu Jjigae At Choi’s Don & Dak

The sundubu jjigae (Korean soft tofu stew) served at Choi’s Don & Dak in Kuchai Lama, KL, is a sizzling delight and one of my favourite Korean meals.

The soft tofu just melts in the mouth, while the soup which is slightly spicy and has minced meat, egg, kimchi, among other ingredients, titilates the taste buds with a burst of flavours.


Sizzling delight: Sundubu jjigae at Choi's Don & Dak
The sundubu jjigae is a sizzling delight and absolute comfort food


The sundubu jjigae, which is a very popular Korean stew, is served with 3 side dishes at Choi’s Don & Dak.  Side dishes are also known as banchan.

Another popular stew on the menu is the kimchi jjigae.  Both are priced at RM15.50

I also love their corn tea.  Very, very nice!

Korean restaurant in Kuchai Lama
Unique wall clock

As I was paying for my meal, the clock caught my eye.   This restaurant has a clean and simple setting.

Korean restaurant in Kuchai Lama
Lady boss not only can cook but she paints as well

That’s the lady boss.  Not only can she cook but she paints as well. She is seen here decorating the wall of Choi’s Don & Dak with the help of an employee.

Korean restaurant in Kuchai Lama
clean and simple

The wall art is completed.  Isn’t it lovely?

The restaurant owners are from Incheon, Korea, and they’ve been living in Malaysia for 10 years.  Choi’s Don & Dak opened here 5 years ago.

Do check out the restaurant when you’re visiting Kuchai Lama.

Last year, I wrote about a cafe which is also owned by a Korean couple.  It is a drawing cafe located in Eco Botanic, Johor Bahru.  This story reminded me of that cafe as the owners are South Koreans and they love to draw! 🙂



Inclusive Bakery With Lotsa Wholesome Treats

Wholesome Treats: Xin Yi’s Story


After working in a bank for 4 years, Xin Yi decided to get out of the daily grind and made the switch from banking to baking.


Today she runs a successful home-based and online-operated bakery called Wholesome Treats, which offers options for gluten-free, dairy-free, vegan and regular butter-based baked goods.


Wholesome Treats has been operating for over 3 years now.


inclusive bakery wholesome treats
Gluten free sugar free almond honey cake



Xin Yi took a leap of faith when the bank posted her to Cambodia for a  6-month stint.   As things were slow there, she found time to reflect deeply on what she really wanted to do.


She says that while she enjoyed working in the bank which offered her job security and vast learning experience,  she wasn’t sure that was how she wanted her life to be like for the next 10 years.


“One thing I was certain – I didn’t enjoy the rat race, and I wanted to do something more tangible that I could derive joy from,” says Xin Yi.


“My mum bakes a lot during her leisure time for our family when I was younger, and I developed an interest for baking from that.


“I started to bake for my family during university days, when I had more room and time to explore on my own. I found myself falling back to baking over the weekends when I was in the corporate world, just to find some peace and joy,” she says.


“I toyed with the idea of starting something of my own – simply because I was young and had nothing to lose. I bounced the idea to my close friends and they were really supportive.


“It took me a while to convince my parents — as like all well-meaning parents —  job security was a major concern.  However,  my family believed in me and have remained my pillar of strength until today – and for that I’m super grateful to them.


“I resigned and gave my all to starting this new venture the moment I got back from Cambodia,” she adds.


Inclusive Bakery Wholesome Treats
Paleo banana loaf



Inclusive Bakery That Offers Wholesome Treats
Gluten free dairy free brownies



Why Inclusive Baking?


Xin Yi always had a liking for gluten-free and vegan food during her university days, so she decided to incorporate this concept into her baking. There is also an increasing trend among consumers for healthy cake recipes.


“I wanted an all-inclusive product offering that could cater to people of different dietary requirements – be it whether they’re gluten-intolerant, lactose-intolerant, diabetic and looking for some sugar-free baked goods or those who are just looking for a regular classic butter cake,” she explains.


Wholesome Treats’ Future Plans


“Currently, I’m operating from a home kitchen. I’ve had it in my mind to have a central kitchen of my own so I could navigate better and have a more comfortable workspace, but that’s for the far future ahead.


“For the not-so-distant future, I’m looking at product expansion, such as doing more bake sales (having a mix of sliced cakes, ice cream and cookies) in the months to come as bake sales have received good response when I did it a few times last year. I definitely will be testing out more new products this new year!


Inclusive Bakery Wholesome Treats
Vegan choc olive oil cake


Collaboration with Modern Essentials


The recent collaboration with Modern Essentials where Wholesome Treats gave out NINEWARE Rabbit Bowls to the first 15 customers who bought 5 tubs of cookies and above, was well-received by Xin Yi’s customers.


This is the link to the collaboration story, Happy Niu Year,  and the story of Modern Essentials.


“My customers really liked the Rabbit bowls and some even asked about it well after the promo has ended.  Some of my customers also asked if there were any bowls with ox “ears” since this is the Year of the Ox.


“Going by the overwhelming response, I’m certainly looking forward to collaborate with Modern Essentials again as cute tableware always complements food, cakes and cookies,” she says.


Inclusive Bakery Wholesome Treats
Cupcake gift set



NINEWARE Animal Series Rabbit bowls from Korea


Laughing Together To Achieve World Peace

and enhance physical, mental and emotional health



Covid-19 has opened up a window of opportunities for virtual laughter clubs to open worldwide, as people want to laugh amid the gloom.


Dr Madan Kataria’s keynote address before launching the first ever Mega Laughter Malaysia event held on the 6th of Feb on Zoom and attended by laughter enthusiasts from across the globe.


Depression is the No. 1 sickness in the world.  There is no treatment for depression.  Those suffering from depression need support, love and care and this is what the Laughter Yoga Movement stands for.


Laughter benefits one’s physical, mental and emotional health.


Everybody can laugh when everything is ok.  Virtual Laughter Yoga clubs have sprouted since the pandemic.  From what had started as a recreation activity in a neighbourhood park in Mumbai, India in 1995, Laughter Yoga is now practiced in 115 countries.


Dr Madan’s vision to achieve World Peace through Laughter is also manifesting this year as the non-profit organisation has been given the green light to build two headquarters  — one in India (Nashik) and one in the United States (California).


The good doctor also praised the Malaysian team, namely the Johor Bahru Happy and Joyous Club, and Laughter Yoga Malaysia for the success of the Mega Laughter Malaysia event and for bringing Laughter Yoga to hospitals, dialysis centres, cancer patients, among others, over the last decade.




Laughter: A Universal Language


Laughter is a universal language that needs no translation.  It banishes negativity, increases endorphins and sends joy throughout the muscles, nerves, organs and tissues.


That’s why the demand for Laughter Yoga clubs and activities has sprouted during the pandemic.


With so many of us facing challenges of isolation, insecurity, financial and job uncertainties, among others, the stress and pent-up emotions have impacted our mental health to some degree.  Some have forgotten how to laugh.


Dr Madan Kataria


Dr Madan Kataria, a medical doctor and the founder of the laughter yoga club movement that started in 1995 in Mumbai, said Covid-19 has provided opportunities to laugh more frequently as hundreds of free virtural laughter clubs are sprouting in the midst of the pandemic.


Currently there are more than 10,000 Laughter clubs found in India, and between 8,000 to 9,000 found worldwide.  This is just a rough estimate as the organisation does not have a structured data on all the clubs.


“Laughter Yoga is not a comedy.  It is an exercise programme for Health and Wellbeing.  Dialysis and cancer patients have turned to this exercise, which is part laughter and part yoga as it incorporates the Pranayama breathing techniques, to enhance their overall health,” Dr Madan said in a Zoom meeting today.


“If you laugh for 10 to 15 minutes a day, one can enjoy many benefits. Laughter strengthens the immune system and keeps the mind positive.  It is the quickest way to drive away depression and anxiety,” he said, adding that laughter is also a universal language.


Dr Madan thanked the Johor Bahru Happy and Joyous Club for bringing Laughter Yoga to places and people who would benefit from the exercise over the last 10 years, namely, in dialysis centres, drug rehabilitation centres, cancer patients, the physically and mentally challenged and senior citizens.


Since the Movement Control Order was implemented, the Johor Bahru Happy and Joyous Club has been conducting Laughter Yoga on their Facebook Page daily from 9am to 9.30am.   The pandemic has deterred physical meet ups but in the virtual world, members can meet and laugh beyond borders.


If you’re feeling bored or frustrated but you don’t want to curse and swear because that’s just adding to the negativity, you can try speaking Gibberish for a few seconds.  That is just to melt the frustration, and clear the way for joy to flow in.  If you don’t know what I’m talking about, maybe Sarjit Kaur can explain it better.


Sarjit will be one of the presenters who will share her thoughts on this at the Malaysian Laughter Yoga Zoom, the first of its kind on February 6, 2021 from 2pm to 5pm (Malaysia time).  It is organised by Mega Malaysia Laughter, a non-governmental organisation.


The aim of the 3-hour event, which will be launched by Dr Madan, is to increase public awareness on  Laughter Yoga, foster ties among Laughter Yoga practitioners and enthusiasts as well as share updates on Laughter Yoga.


Six dynamic laughter Yoga Teachers/Masters will be sharing their expertise as follows:

1. Merv Neal (Australia) on ‘Laughter Yoga & Business and the Pandemic’
2. Bill Lewis (UK/Malaysia) on ‘Rhythm & Laff’
3. Shifra Arwas (Israel) on ‘The Wisdom of the Older Child’
4. Dusty Susan (Australia) on ‘Cradle to Death’
5. YM Dr. Raja Kamariah Raja Mohd (Malaysia) on ‘Laughter in the Malaysian Public Sector’
6. Sarjit Kaur (Malaysia) on ‘Embracing our Authenticity’


Meanwhile 7 Laughter Yogis will also be present to lead and share their Laughter Exercises.  They are Kara Sherman (USA), Keyem Thomez (Bahrain), Sara Mei Woo (Singapore), Bachan Singh (Malaysia), Lina Lim Lee Mui (Malaysia), Raja Perumal Raja (Malaysia) and Siem Lee (Malaysia).


The organisers are expecting a turnout of 500 participants from all over the world.  All are welcome to join the event on Feb 6.  There’s also a new laughter song titled “Kung Fu Ha Ha” which they’re keeping under wraps until the day of the event, so do turn up on Feb 6 🙂


To know more about Laughter Yoga, you may check out


Mega Laughter Malaysia



Johor Bahru Happy and Joyous Club



Laughter Yoga International 



YouTube – Dr Madan Kataria


Wushu Artist Lee Swee Seng Clinches JCI Outstanding Young Malaysians Award 2020 For Cultural Achievement

Johor-born Wushu Artist Lee Swee Seng the founder of Martial Dance.


Photo credit: Will Chong. Wushu Artist Lee Swee Seng Clinches JCI Outstanding Young Malaysians Award 2020 For Cultural Achievement.


In 1998, Lee Swee Seng thought to himself.  What else could Wushu be besides being a competitive sport and a form of self-defense?  He was 18 then — a young man coming of age boldly chasing his dream of showcasing Wushu as a performing arts.


Lee met with waves of resistance but he worked hard on his ideals to expand on the concept of “Martial Dance”, a fusion of dance with martial arts.  After 22 years of persistence,  he has gained local and international recognition with numerous award-winning choreographies under his belt.


Lee at age 11 practising Wushu


“I’m very grateful to everyone I’ve met in my life and I’m proud to be a Johorean,” says Lee who started practising wushu at age 11.


He joined the Malaysia national team at 17 and represented the country in local and international competitions. He has received invitations to perform and teach at various arts festivals around the world.


pic sourced from Johor China Press. The Johore Kwang Tung Association held a dinner banquet to congratulate Lee (right) on winning the JCI Outstanding Young Malaysians 2020 Award For Cultural Achievement.


JCI Ten Outstanding Young Malaysians Award 2020 for Cultural Achievement


Lee’s most recent achievement was winning the JCI Ten Outstanding Young Malaysians Award (TOYM) of 2020 for Cultural Achievement. Previous winners included Malaysian celebrities like Sinje Lee, Penny Tai, Fish Leong, Gary Chaw, among others.


Lee graduated from Southern University College with a business management degree and is now the founder, artistic director, and wushu director of Lee Wushu Arts Theatre, located at Taman Nusa Bestari in Iskandar Puteri.


In 2001, he won the gold medal in the SUKMA Games, and another gold medal in the Hong Kong International Wushu Festival, making him a notable name in Malaysia Wushu industry.


“I’m extremely thankful to JCI TOYM’s judges for the acknowledgement.  The honour of receiving the “Ten Outstanding Young Malaysians” award has strengthened my sense of duty to further promote Martial Dance, which is Malaysia’s unique arts, on both the local and international platforms, and spread the greatness of Wushu to the world.


Martial Dance Class 2019 in Germany


Martial Dance Class 2019 in Belgium


About 25,000 people have learnt “martial dance” from him, both locally and globally.  In line with Lee’s vision to promote martial dance,  this form of arts is now being taught in schools in the southern part of the peninsula, from primary to secondary, vernacular to national, and also Chinese independent schools.  Lee’s students and team members don’t only learn wushu, they have also adopted the spirit of martial arts and have followed him into community care and welfare work.


When Covid-19 descended upon the world in 2020, Lee remained unfazed. He has been filming and uploading videos to his Youtube channel Jack Lee Wushu, since April last year.


Despite the fact that international performances has halted due to the pandemic,  Lee continued to churn out creative choreographies with artists from all over the world through the iCloud web.  On December 7, 2020, he participated in the “China-ASEAN International Theatre Festival” and contributed to the international arts scene under the new normal.



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