Reset button

Covid-19 is really here to force us to take a pause, stay at home and reflect. We are surrounded by a fog now with so many uncertainties, and with time on our hands now, we can do some of the things that we’ve been wanting to do but never could […]

Dim sum for comfort and bliss

Hello again, Yes, I’ve gone missing for a while. No, I’ve not been unwell, just a little busy. I have no problem with working at home. Am sad that this global pandemic has affected everyone of us, with the worldwide death toll reaching more than 11,000 as of time of […]

Korean infusion tea taste test

This is a new product from Korea which I’ve been asked to review. Two of my friends have tried this infusion tea and they didn’t quite like it simply because they liked their tea hot. I’m ok with it. At the moment I don’t have a kettle so this novel […]

Take care of forests — real forests!

Going back to basics where life is simple and peaceful … Economic development is important but do not underestimate the importance of the forests. Besides offering urbanites a refreshing change from the concrete jungle, a forest has so much more to offer such as resources that can reduce greenhouse gas […]

Singgora homestay

Located 10 metres from Sungai Lubok Mulong, Rumah Singgora was built with the concept of a traditional Malay village in mind. The kampung houses featured natural lighting and airflow as environmental factors were considered in the design. There are also herbal plants and trees, including “halia” (ginger), “kunyit” (turmeric), “limau […]

Gem of a getaway

Another gorgeous getaway gem in Malaysia that’s worth checking out. In 2010 owners Nikt and Suze checked out this piece of land situated next to the Berembun forest reserve in the district of Seremban. When they eventually saw the hilly outcrop several months later, it was love at first sight. They […]

Pahang House

This house once belonged to a village chief Penghulu Ismail Khatib Bakar. It had survived three flash floods (in 1926, 1972 and 2014) while some of the surrounding houses were swept away. Called the Pahang House, it was dismantled onsite in a village in Jerantut, Pahang, and re-assembled at the Malay Heritage […]

Rustic-chic boutique resort in Langkawi

Tucked away in a coconut plantation bordered by wetlands and paddy fields,  BON TON RESORT LANGKAWI, beckons guests to linger, as it offers the experience of traditional warm hospitality and timeless elegance. Pantai Cenang’s expansive beach features white sands and clear waters and its nightlife is the liveliest on the […]

Drawing cafe

I’ve found a book cafe, a coconut steamboat restaurant, a medical clinic and now I’m going to tell you about a drawing cafe called ADrawing Cafe. It is owned and managed by a Korean named Sam Park who has moved to Eco Botanic City with his family last March. Sam […]