Coconut Steamboat, a steamy delight

There’s a delightful dining outlet in Eco Botanic City called Coconut Steamboat that offers coconut chicken hot pot, a recipe which originated from Hainan, China, where fresh coconut juice is used as the hot pot soup base. This conjures a sweetness in the broth that is both pleasant and fragrant. […]

Happy kids, happy parents

Only a parent with a young kid in tow, will truly understand the meaning of dining dramas and mealtime challenges.  Apart from dealing with children who can be picky eaters or attention seekers, parents also need to constantly worry about the environment, health, hygiene, safety, security so much so that […]

Love Chalet

The houses here are built on stilts above the muddy mangrove shoreline in Pontian, Johor. For a city dweller, Kukup is a nice little getaway to experience life in a rural setting. The boardwalks leading to the houses are part concrete, part wooden and the locals are seen confidently riding […]

Private retreat

This is Aman Rimba in Kampung Janda Baik, located in a small village in Bentong, Pahang, The once private estate found its niche, catering to families and corporate clients craving for a retreat into nature. The villas are not rented out individually, as rental arrangements cover all six villas and only one party […]

Office fitout specialist

Sourcing for a good office fitout is essential for any business as it helps to create the conducive environment for employees, customers and investors. A “feel good” experience is evoked when you walk into a space that is uncluttered and pleasing, and when you feel good….. magic happens! It is […]


A 46-year-old food hawker is breaking ties with her younger sister after loan sharks allegedly launched two attacks at her house in Taman Bukit Mewah, Johor Bahru, in December 2019 and again in January this year. Lai Poh Yoke claimed the first incident saw her cars and walls of her […]

Sutera Mall celebrates Chap Goh Mei

The car park area of Sutera Mall was abuzz with activities last night as the management of the mall together with Southern Chinese Musical Society co-organised a Chap Goh Mei party featuring, among others, a live band performance, wushu performance, 24 Drum performance, Chinese orchestra performance and a mass tossing […]

Hello February

Updated Oh no! Watched this clip “Coronavirus -Inside info and discussion” right after I posted. No no no, pets are not the cause of this. This clip is long but so informative. Original post Didn’t realise it’s already the first day of February. Checked out YouTube and found the clip […]