Bee Kim here from West Malaysia. You may be wondering what Roam With Bee is all about?

Let me start by introducing you to Rojak, if you’re not a local.  


Rojak is a popular dish in Malaysia.  It’s the Malaysian version of a fruit salad, or it can also be a vegetable salad.  The spicy dish tantalises taste buds as it has a mix of flavours and textures.

No, this is not a blog about fruit or vegetable salads but Roam With Bee is what I would call a rojak blog because I don’t embrace a niche.  I can’t think of any 1 thing that I’m very passionate about.  My goal in life is just to explore, contribute and love more.  And I would like to make the world a better place.  


My Hobbies & Interests


About Roam With Bee
Rottweiler & Me (2020)

I absolutely adore animals.  I wish there were more animal lovers than animal haters.  How could anyone hate animals?  They’re so lovable and they warm your heart on a cold winter’s night.  

We share the earth with animals, and each living being has as much right to live and be treated with respect.  Animals roaming free and happy never fail to make me smile. 

I also love reading, writing, taking pictures with my mobile phone, sleeping and roaming the neighbourhood.  In pre-Covid days I would have roamed further.  But now I roam with caution and I am not complaining as I’m pretty much a homebody at heart.

Home is where the heart is, and a home where there are pets frolicking is what I would define as heaven on earth.  However, it can also be devastating when one loses a pet.  But to have loved and lost is better than to never have loved at all.  



I also play darts in my leisure time. 

Life is like playing darts. You can aim for the Bullseye and end up in Annie’s room. Sometimes it would take from dawn to dusk to land the dart in a Mad House when you desperately need a Double 1 to checkout.  At times, a whiff of luck or muscle memory would just effortlessly put the dart in the right place.

Practice makes perfect, like all things in life.  Sometimes we can aim all we want, but the Universe has other plans.  Be determined and unwavering but know that the Universe always has our backs.  Wherever the dart lands, be happy 🙂


Malaysia Green Tech Award 2012


About Roam With Bee


On October 12, 2012, I received an award at the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre from the then Deputy Prime Minister and now Prime Minister of Malaysia, Tan Sri Muhyiddin Haji Mohd Yassin for a story I wrote on solar energy.

The award was organised by The Ministry of Energy, Green Technology and Water Malaysia and co-organised by the Malaysian Green Technology Corporation.

Looking back on that day after all these years still brings a smile and gladdens the spirit. But sadly, I can’t get into that green kebaya anymore.

I left the media industry after spending close to 18 years with The New Straits Times. I then joined the corporate world where I thrived for 2 years. I don’t know if I should say “survive” instead of thrive  — corporate culture is a whole new ballgame!

Anyway, different flavours and colours will spice up one’s life.

And now another chapter is unfolding. I’ve stepped into the e-commerce space. Having joined a start-up, my interest has evolved and I’m learning something new everyday.

I’ll always be writing. It’s something that I see myself doing till the end of time. 

Thank you for reading my generic blog.



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