Malaysians Love Georganic Moisturisers

More Malaysians are sharing their thoughts on Georganic Moisturisers, namely, Goat Milk Brightening Cream, Centella Ceramide Moisturising Balm and Bifida Mineral Water Cream.

Read the first batch of reviews which were also done by Malaysians here

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Malaysians love Georganic Moisturisers

Non sticky or greasy cream. I always apply the cream during day and night time. Best result when you always stay under the air conditioner as it keeps my skin hydrate.

By betliew
Malaysians love Georganic Moisturisers

Great for someone with dry skin or extremely dry skin it helps improve the skin’s oil-water balance. texture is so thick like balm but spreads on the skin nicely very comfortable. It has a unique scent 

By atibeauty_y
Malaysians love Georganic moisturisers

 I have combination skin & after some times my Tzone get a bit oily but my cheek area stay hydrated. Anyhow you can adjust amount of product according to your preference.

By suriabdulrahman
Malaysians love Georganic Moisturisers

In a nutshell, goatmilk has the most resemblance to human milk (protein structure), making it familiar to our body, the pH is same as human skin and its rich in lactic acid (AHA) and act as gentle exfoliator.

By caramelskindiary

Georganic is a Korean skincare brand, brought exclusively to Malaysia by Modern Essentials.

Georganic moisturisers use natural ingredients without synthetic additives. It’s also stated that the manufacturers love animals and hence, no animal testing was carried out. The products are also approved by the National Pharmaceutical Regulatory Agency (NPRA), Ministry of Health Malaysia.

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